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ATH Date4/27/2021, 10:08:35 PM
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What is Sensitrust?

Sensitrust (SETS) is an innovative project that leverages the power of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to address and resolve the existing challenges within the job market. By tightly integrating with the Blockchain, the Sensitrust platform ensures safety, transparency, and eliminates the need for a centralized authority to manage information.

The primary goal of the Sensitrust platform is to connect customers and professionals, providing the community with valuable opportunities:

  1. Hiring Professional Teams: Customers can browse a comprehensive catalog of professionals and assemble a team that meets their specific requirements.

  2. Call To Action: Users have the ability to create a "Call To Action," specifying project details, available funds, time constraints, and project requirements.

Sensitrust introduces several innovative aspects that set it apart from traditional job market platforms:

  1. Safety and Transparency: The platform prioritizes safety and transparency by leveraging the immutable nature of the Blockchain. This ensures that information remains secure and trustworthy, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

  2. Certification of Professionals: Sensitrust certifies the identity and reputation of professionals, giving customers confidence in their selection. This certification process helps maintain high standards within the platform.

  3. Guaranteed Project Satisfaction: Sensitrust ensures that project specifications and constraints are met during development. Customers can set the maximum number of revisions, penalties for delayed delivery, and rewards for early delivery. Smart contracts facilitate the enforcement of these agreements.

  4. Enhanced Data Management: The platform incorporates advanced data management techniques, allowing for efficient handling of project-related information while maintaining privacy and security.

  5. Integration of AI and Blockchain: Sensitrust combines AI methodologies with Blockchain technologies, unlocking powerful capabilities and creating a dynamic and intelligent ecosystem for customers and professionals.

The SETS token serves as the utility token within the Sensitrust platform. It grants users access to platform services at discounted rates. Some examples of the services that can be accessed using SETS tokens include:

  1. Membership Subscriptions: Users can access premium features and benefits by holding SETS tokens.

  2. Platform Consulting: Professionals can offer their expertise and consulting services in exchange for SETS tokens.

  3. Product/Service Guarantees: SETS tokens can be used to ensure guarantees and warranties for products or services provided within the platform.

  4. In-Platform Training: Users can participate in training programs and workshops offered on the platform, leveraging SETS tokens for enrollment.

The interaction between professionals and customers on Sensitrust is characterized by an innovative approach. Each agreement between the parties includes the definition of maximum revision limits, penalties for delayed delivery, and rewards for early delivery. Smart contracts regulate these agreements, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability in a decentralized and immutable manner.

Upon completion of work, the customer evaluates the results, which undergo a thorough assessment by external expert reviewers and an AI engine. An automated workflow, supported by decentralized components, guarantees fair negotiations and mutual satisfaction between customers and professionals.

The founders of Sensitrust established the company in 2019. They bring a wealth of academic research experience in the fields of AI, full-stack development, and smart contract development. The team consists of two co-founders who hold full-time academic positions and have a deep understanding of research projects. Sensitrust plans to involve experts and advisors in the areas of blockchain, AI, Data Mining, finance, and other specialized fields within the job market.

Sensitrust invites individuals and businesses to join its groundbreaking platform, where the power of Blockchain and AI revolutionizes the job market. By embracing this innovative ecosystem, users can benefit from enhanced safety, transparency, and access to a diverse pool of professionals. Explore the endless possibilities of Sensitrust and become a part of the future of the job market today.


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