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Real Volume (24H)$7,950.78
Fully Diluted Valuation$679,754
ATH Date3/15/2022, 10:39:50 PM
ATL Date11/21/2022, 10:43:30 PM
Circulating Supply391B
Total Supply491B
Popularity Rank2813
What is Sekuya?

Sekuya Multiverse is a virtual world that aims to provide a fun, safe, and borderless environment for everyone. Launched in February 2022, it is a decentralized gaming social world that allows users to enjoy an immersive experience without geographical limitations. Sekuya Multiverse is built on the principles of decentralization, and its native token, SKUY, serves various use cases within the ecosystem, including metaverse native currency, creator economy, game-fi, online-to-offline economy, marketplace currency, and Sekuya World Creator (Sekuya DAO).

Sekuya was founded by four entrepreneurs from Indonesia, namely Joshua Budiman, Lilis Huri, Nickyta Eleonora, and M. Luthfan. They are talented individuals with excellent values, vast experience growing web3 projects, consulting over 200 brands in brand strategy and creative, startups, architects, and IT, and success in their previous businesses. Their vision is to bring the core of decentralized technology to the community, with the aim of growing the SKUY family to include 1,000,000 people and 1000 communities.

Sekuya's vision is to create a fun and positive virtual world accessible to everyone globally. Unlike most web3 projects that focus on future innovations, Sekuya takes a step back to ease the transition of web2 society to web3 through its sister company, Nevers Studio. Sekuya's ecosystem aims to provide a bridge that allows anyone to experience web3 without the complexities and challenges of traditional blockchain technology.

The Sekuya team is composed of outstanding professionals and excellent people who lead by action. Sekuya's core values reflect the culture of the young generation and include:

  • Synergy: Sekuya believes in building and growing together.
  • Kaizen: Always improving is the definition of Sekuya.
  • Useful: Providing use cases in innovation is the key to impactful products.
  • Young: The culture of the young generation will be the strategy of Sekuya.

SKUY is the community token with multiple use cases within the Sekuya ecosystem, including:

  • Metaverse Native Currency: SKUY serves as the native currency within the Sekuya Multiverse.
  • Creator Economy: SKUY enables creators to monetize their content and earn rewards for their contributions to the ecosystem.
  • Game-fi: SKUY is utilized in in-game transactions and can be earned by participating in various quests and activities.
  • Online-to-Offline Economy: SKUY serves as a bridge between the virtual and real world, allowing users to use the token in the real world.
  • Marketplace Currency: SKUY can be used to purchase various virtual goods and services within the Sekuya Multiverse.
  • Sekuya World Creator (Sekuya DAO): SKUY holders can participate in the governance and decision-making process of the Sekuya Multiverse.

Sekuya Multiverse offers unique features that make it stand out from other virtual worlds, including:

  • Fun and Safe Virtual World: Sekuya provides a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.
  • Borderless: Sekuya allows users to experience the world without geographical limitations.
  • Decentralized: Sekuya's decentralized technology ensures transparency and security.
  • Ease of Use: Sekuya's ecosystem is designed to be user-friendly, allowing easy access to web3 technology.

In conclusion, Sekuya Multiverse is a decentralized gaming social world that provides a fun and safe environment for users to enjoy. Its ecosystem allows anyone to experience web3 technology without the complexities and challenges of traditional blockchain technology. SKUY token is the community token that serves as the metaverse native currency, creator economy, game-fi, online-to-offline economy, marketplace currency, and Sekuya World Creator. With a talented team of entrepreneurs, Sekuya's vision is to bring positive growth to the community and to be accessible for anyone around the world. The company's core values include synergy, continuous improvement, usefulness, and embracing the culture of the young generation. Sekuya's unique approach to web3 technology and commitment to providing a positive user experience makes it a promising project in the decentralized gaming industry.


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