Secret (ERC20)

Secret (ERC20)


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Real Volume (24H)$10,612.68
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date11/7/2021, 8:59:57 PM
ATL Date11/14/2022, 9:15:31 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply934K
Popularity Rank12743
What is Secret (ERC20)?

Secret Coin (SCRT) stands as the native cryptocurrency of the groundbreaking Secret Network, a decentralized platform specifically designed for private and secure computations. Within this network, nodes, aptly named secret nodes, possess the capability to perform versatile computations over encrypted data. This unique feature empowers smart contracts, referred to as secret contracts, to leverage private and sensitive information as inputs. Unlike other platforms that solely focus on transactional privacy, the Secret Network places paramount importance on computational privacy. It enables developers to construct decentralized and privacy-preserving "Secret Apps" that can revolutionize various fields such as decentralized finance (DeFi), Web3, machine learning, and access control.

The Secret Network boasts a vibrant ecosystem supported by a multitude of independent development teams and entities. These include Enigma, Secret Foundation,, Chain of Secrets, and many more. Together, they collaborate and contribute to the network's growth and evolution, ensuring its continuous advancement.

The core essence of the Secret Network lies in its ability to handle sensitive data in a secure and confidential manner. By enabling secret nodes to perform computations on encrypted data, the network offers a level of privacy that is unparalleled in the blockchain space. This revolutionary approach addresses the critical need for privacy not only in financial transactions but also in a myriad of other domains.

Developers are provided with an extensive toolkit on the Secret Network, allowing them to build decentralized applications (dApps) that prioritize privacy preservation. These applications, known as Secret Apps, leverage the privacy functionality of the Secret Network to offer users a secure and confidential experience. This opens up a world of possibilities, enabling the development of innovative solutions that safeguard sensitive information without compromising usability or functionality.

The Secret Network is particularly vital in decentralized finance (DeFi), where the need for privacy is of utmost importance. With the ability to perform computations over encrypted data, secret contracts on the Secret Network can access private financial information without exposing it to the public eye. This ensures that sensitive data, such as account balances and transaction details, remains confidential while still enabling seamless and efficient financial interactions.

Furthermore, the Secret Network serves as a catalyst for the Web3 revolution, which seeks to decentralize the internet and provide users with greater control over their data and digital identities. By incorporating privacy as a core pillar, the Secret Network empowers individuals to safeguard their personal information while engaging in online activities. This paradigm shift towards user-centric privacy marks a significant step forward in the evolution of the internet.

Machine learning, another field that greatly benefits from the Secret Network's privacy capabilities, gains the ability to work with sensitive and confidential data. By leveraging encrypted data inputs, developers can train models and perform computations without compromising the privacy of the underlying information. This enables advancements in fields such as healthcare, finance, and research, where privacy is essential for compliance and ethical considerations.

Access control is yet another domain where the Secret Network's privacy functionalities play a crucial role. The ability to perform computations over encrypted data ensures that sensitive access control mechanisms, such as biometric data or personal identifiers, remain confidential. This enhances security and privacy in systems where fine-grained access control is necessary, such as in data management platforms or identity verification systems.

With a diverse ecosystem of developers, researchers, and enthusiasts, the Secret Network remains at the forefront of privacy-centric innovation. The collaborative efforts of entities like Enigma, Secret Foundation,, Chain of Secrets, and more ensure a vibrant and dynamic environment for the network's continued growth.

In conclusion, Secret Coin (SCRT) and the Secret Network revolutionize privacy in the blockchain realm. By enabling secure computations over encrypted data, the network empowers developers to build privacy-preserving applications that cater to a wide range of fields, including decentralized finance, Web3, machine learning, and access control. With a thriving community of contributors and a relentless focus on privacy, the Secret Network is poised to reshape the future of digital interactions and redefine the boundaries of computational privacy. Join the movement today and be a part of the privacy revolution facilitated by the Secret Network and Secret Coin.


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