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Real Volume (24H)$4,172.66
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date3/22/2022, 2:08:33 PM
ATL Date11/21/2022, 1:44:43 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply431K
Popularity Rank12291
What is SAFUU?

SaFuu (SAFUU) is a decentralized financial asset that offers a sustainable and innovative protocol for users seeking high rewards through staking. SAFUU is an acronym for “Sustainable Asset Fund for Universal Users.” The platform's SAP protocol provides a fixed compound yield model, enabling users to earn a high fixed APY and grow their SAFUU portfolio by holding the token in their wallet.

SaFuu aims to be a pioneer in DeFi innovation that creates value for SAFUU token holders. The platform delivers a highly-paying, auto-staking, and auto-compounding protocol. It is the native BEP20 token standard of the SaFuu platform, which rewards its holders with automatic passive interest payments within 15 minutes over 13.5 years until the maximum supply of 3.25 billion tokens has been reached.

The Buy-hold-earn system of SaFuu is straightforward, where users buy and hold the SAFUU token in their wallet to earn interest through APY. APY is an annual percentage yield that calculates the real rate of return on the principal amount by accounting for the effect of compound interest.

Moreover, SaFuu Insurance Fund (SIF) serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and sustainability of the SAFUU protocol. SIF keeps the holders secure by ensuring long-term and future growth of the Safuu Protocol, avoiding flash crashes, and reducing the downside risk. The SaFuu treasury provides additional financial support for the SIF, especially when there is an extreme price drop of the SAFUU token or any unforeseen black-swan event.

In addition, SaFuu uses the Fire Pit mechanism to burn tokens to decrease the circulating supply and keep the Safuu protocol stable. Cryptocurrency burning is a process where a fraction of tokens is sent to a wallet with no private key, making the tokens lost forever. Tokens are usually burnt to reduce availability and increase market value. Two and a half percent of all SAFUU traded are burnt in the Fire Pit. The more SAFUU is traded, the more is burnt, causing the fire pit to grow in size.

The founders of SaFuu are committed to creating a sustainable and innovative DeFi protocol that benefits SAFUU token holders. The team comprises seasoned professionals who have years of experience in various domains. SaFuu offers a safe and secure platform for users to stake and earn rewards without worrying about risks associated with traditional staking, mining, and yield farming processes.

The SAFUU platform offers a transparent and reliable financial protocol for users seeking high returns with minimal effort. It aims to provide users with a secure and efficient platform for managing their financial assets. The SaFuu protocol ensures that users get rewarded with additional SAFUU coins by just holding the asset instead of performing complex and time-consuming methods or risky trading.

In conclusion, SaFuu (SAFUU) is a sustainable and innovative DeFi protocol that offers users a fixed compound yield model through its SAP protocol. SAFUU provides a high fixed APY and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows the SAFUU portfolio inside a user's wallet at a fast pace. The platform's Fire Pit mechanism and SaFuu Insurance Fund (SIF) ensure that the SAFUU protocol remains stable and secure for the long term. SAFUU offers a transparent and reliable financial protocol for users seeking high rewards with minimal effort.


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