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Real Volume (24H)$913.35
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ATH Date11/2/2021, 6:14:55 PM
ATL Date9/19/2021, 9:37:59 PM
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Total Supply1000T
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What is Safetrees?

SAFETREES emerges as a decentralized techno-economic framework that seeks to incentivize and compensate individuals who actively contribute to environmental preservation and ecosystem restoration. With a particular focus on supporting rural communities and environmental groups, SAFETREES aims to combat deforestation and restore the delicate balance of our global ecosystem. By providing direct financial incentives and benefits to these unsung heroes, SAFETREES empowers individuals fighting against environmental degradation.

One of the key objectives of SAFETREES is to assign a monetary value to the capacity of individual trees in absorbing CO2. Trees play a vital role in sequestering tons of CO2, benefitting the entire planet. The SAFETREES ECO-MISSION is ambitious yet essential: to plant ten billion newly grown and mature trees worldwide by 2025. These trees will be minted and stored in the blockchain, utilizing the minting process to validate information, create new blocks, and record crucial data into the blockchain.

At the heart of SAFETREES lies its deflationary native token, TREES, which operates on the Binance Smart Chain, offering a wide range of features. What sets TREES apart is its unique purpose and tangible product—the SafeTrees APP tree-tracker and the Tree Adoption Marketplace. The SafeTrees APP tree-tracker serves as a monitoring tool for tree growers, providing authentication and validation of tree growth status.

Through the app, tree growers and individual users can capture geotagged images of their trees, which automatically measures tree attributes, records GPS coordinates, assigns a unique tag, and stores all the data as tokenized information in the blockchain. This innovative mechanism establishes a pay-to-grow tend-track model, allowing app users, such as tree growers, to receive direct payment in TREES coins based on the attributes of each monitored tree.

The TREES token plays a pivotal role in offsetting carbon footprints. Token holders are rewarded with TREES and can also utilize the token within the community's Tree Adoption Marketplace. Tree growers have the opportunity to tokenize their real trees as TREES-NFT and trade them on the Tree Adoption Marketplace. Additionally, TREES tokens can be used to adopt TREES-NFTs or purchase carbon offsets to support environment-centered projects.

The SAFETREES project was introduced in 2021, accompanied by a comprehensive whitepaper outlining its goals and strategies. As a community-driven initiative, SAFETREES embraces the contributions of numerous team members, some of whom prefer to remain anonymous. The team consists of skilled developers, environmentalists, and crypto enthusiasts who bring their extensive experience in the crypto-verse and past projects to this groundbreaking venture.

With a total token supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000, TREES sets the stage for a transformative movement in environmental conservation. By leveraging blockchain technology and incentivizing individuals through the TREES token, SAFETREES empowers communities to actively participate in safeguarding our planet's future.

In conclusion, SAFETREES revolutionizes environmental conservation by introducing a decentralized framework powered by blockchain technology. With its emphasis on compensating and incentivizing environmental stewards, SAFETREES creates a sustainable ecosystem where individuals can contribute to global reforestation efforts. Through the TREES token, users can actively engage in the Tree Adoption Marketplace, offset carbon footprints, and support environment-centered projects.


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