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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date5/9/2021, 7:52:07 PM
ATL Date11/10/2022, 1:34:29 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000T
Popularity Rank12256
What is SafeIcarus?

SAFEICARUS is an innovative cryptocurrency designed to provide holders with continuous rewards and simultaneous growth in liquidity and value. With its unique features and deflationary mechanisms, SAFEICARUS aims to create a secure and prosperous investment environment for its community.

One of the key strategies employed by SAFEICARUS is the implementation of a 13% tax on every transaction. This tax is divided into two parts: 5% is distributed among the token holders, rewarding them for their participation and commitment to the project, while the remaining 8% is automatically locked into the liquidity pool. By applying this tax structure, SAFEICARUS ensures a sustainable ecosystem where both holders and liquidity providers benefit.

The concept of forever deflationary supply lies at the core of SAFEICARUS. During its launch, an astounding 97% of the total token supply was burned and sent to a black hole address. Interestingly, this black hole address actively participates in the protocol and accumulates additional tokens with each transaction. As a result, these tokens effectively get removed from circulation, increasing the scarcity and value of SAFEICARUS over time. This continuous burn mechanism creates a sense of exclusivity and rarity, making SAFEICARUS a sought-after cryptocurrency in the market.

You might wonder why exactly 97% of the supply was burned. This deliberate choice contributes to the hyperdeflationary nature of SafeIcarus. By allowing the burn address to accumulate a significant portion of the tokens during tax distribution, the deflationary impact is maximized, creating a powerful force that drives the token's value upwards.

Ensuring safe liquidity is a top priority for SAFEICARUS. To achieve this, the project employs a strategy where LP (liquidity provider) tokens are burned, effectively removing them from circulation. By permanently locking the liquidity, SAFEICARUS guarantees a stable and secure trading environment for its users. This approach safeguards the interests of the community and reduces the risk of sudden market fluctuations.

Another crucial aspect that sets SAFEICARUS apart is the renouncement of ownership. By relinquishing control over the token contract, the project ensures that no individual or entity can engage in malicious actions or manipulate the token for personal gain. This transparent and decentralized approach fosters trust and confidence among the community, allowing them to invest in SAFEICARUS with peace of mind.

SAFEICARUS is committed to its mission of providing a rewarding and secure investment experience. The team behind the project is dedicated to its continuous development, exploring new opportunities, and forming strategic partnerships to enhance the ecosystem further. By fostering a vibrant and supportive community, SAFEICARUS aims to empower its holders and create a sustainable growth trajectory for the token.

Invest in SAFEICARUS today and join a community that benefits from continuous rewards, deflationary mechanisms, and a commitment to security. Experience the power of a hyperdeflationary token that prioritizes the interests of its holders while fostering a transparent and trustworthy investment environment. Together, we can reach new heights in the world of cryptocurrency.


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