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Real Volume (24H)$15,538.24
Fully Diluted Valuation$144,287
ATH Date3/14/2021, 10:08:58 AM
ATL Date11/21/2022, 10:42:35 PM
Circulating Supply40M
Total Supply72M
Popularity Rank3150
What is Royale?

Royale Finance, a cross-chain liquidity and technology solution, is at the forefront of merging decentralized finance (DeFi) capabilities with the iGaming industry. Its primary objective is to address the security and trust concerns that plague online gaming while providing game developers with easier access to liquidity.

Having launched its proof-of-concept in Q2 2020, Royale Finance has since embarked on full-scale development of its innovative platform, built on the foundations of Web 3.0. The company has also successfully secured funding and is in the final stages of its multiphase token sale, with the recent acquisition of $1.45 million from several investors, all in preparation for the release of its V1 app.

The leadership team behind Royale Finance comprises prominent figures from the gaming industry. Georgio Andrews, the CEO, brings a wealth of experience in building infrastructure for iGaming and blockchain entities. With a background in sports medicine and athletics, Andrews made a successful transition to the cryptocurrency field in 2016.

Matt Armstrong, the COO and co-founder, hails from an engineering background and made a full-time switch to cryptocurrency, becoming actively involved in the industry in 2017. He has been an avid investor in cryptocurrency projects since 2016.

The CSO, Avron Goss, possesses an impressive 25 years of online gaming expertise. With the emergence of blockchain technology, he delved into provably fair technology and expanded his involvement to other areas of the blockchain realm, including assisting in the launch of a tokenized stock exchange.

According to the founders, despite the advent of blockchain technology, the iGaming industry still grapples with issues of trust. Additionally, game developers face challenges in accessing liquidity, which they believe can be effectively addressed through DeFi solutions.

Royale Finance aims to bridge the gap between DeFi and iGaming, not only improving the industry's reputation but also unlocking profit potential for investors. By utilizing DeFi for liquidity provision, Royale Finance incentivizes investors to contribute funds and hold the in-house token, ROYA, thereby supporting projects that utilize the Royale Finance platform.

This approach significantly reduces the reliance on centralized infrastructure, a longstanding obstacle in the growth and acceptance of online gaming. Royale Finance envisions substantial growth potential, with the iGaming industry projected to reach a value of $127 billion by 2027.

ROYA serves as the native token of Royale Finance. It is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network with a fixed cap supply of 72,000,000 tokens. The ROYA token plays a vital role in funding the Royale Finance platform and maintaining liquidity.

The funds generated from the ROYA token sale, with a maximum cap of $1,450,000, support a complex ecosystem. The initial funding allocation designates 20% for liquidity provision, while 15% is allocated to team operations, the Royale Foundation, and the expansion of partnerships and the project ecosystem, respectively.

Certain allocations may be subject to a vesting schedule based on the phase of the token sale. For ROYA holders who stake their tokens, various lockup periods apply. Adherence to these lockups increases the passive income derived from liquidity provision.

Royale Finance employs delegated proof-of-stake (dPOS) as part of its security mechanism. The implementation of lockups aims to minimize the risk of significant liquidity drainage and other profit-seeking activities by investors.

As with any DeFi token, initial volatility should be taken into consideration, and thorough research should be conducted by those looking to contribute liquidity. This includes assessing the potential long-term profitability of staking activities.

In conclusion, Royale Finance stands at the forefront of innovation, merging DeFi with the iGaming industry. By tackling trust and liquidity challenges, the platform aims to revolutionize online gaming while offering lucrative opportunities for investors. With its visionary leadership team and the ROYA token fueling its ecosystem, Royale Finance is poised to shape the future of decentralized gaming finance.


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