Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$28,748,572
ATH Date8/17/2020, 11:21:44 PM
ATL Date9/5/2020, 8:20:20 AM
Circulating Supply28M
Total Supply28M
Popularity Rank652
What is Reserve?

Reserve is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to revolutionize the financial landscape by creating a stable, decentralized, asset-backed cryptocurrency and digital payment system. With Reserve, the goal is to build a universal store of value, particularly in regions where traditional banking infrastructure is unreliable or where hyperinflation is an issue.

The Reserve platform operates through three types of tokens that work together to maintain the stability of the Reserve ecosystem.

Firstly, there's the Reserve token (RSV), which is a stable cryptocurrency that users can hold and spend like regular fiat money. Unlike fiat currency, however, RSV is decentralized and backed by collateral. The Reserve token aims to offer a reliable alternative to traditional currencies that are often prone to inflation and value fluctuations.

Secondly, there's the Reserve Rights token (RSR), which is a protocol token used to facilitate the stability of RSV. RSR acts as a governance token and allows holders to participate in the decision-making process for the Reserve platform. Additionally, RSR is used to purchase RSV when it is trading below its pegged value and burn RSV when it is trading above its pegged value.

Lastly, Reserve holds a variety of tokenized real-world assets, including other stablecoins, to back RSV. These assets are held in the Reserve smart contract and help to ensure that RSV is always backed by at least 100% collateral, maintaining its stability.

The Reserve platform aims to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographical location or financial status. By providing a stable currency that is backed by real-world assets, Reserve seeks to offer a reliable alternative to traditional fiat currencies, particularly in regions where inflation and unreliable banking infrastructure are persistent issues.

The Reserve platform's stability is ensured by the Reserve smart contract, which operates transparently and autonomously. This ensures that RSV is always backed by sufficient collateral, providing users with peace of mind that their currency is stable and secure.

In terms of tokenomics, the Reserve ecosystem has a total supply of 100 billion RSR tokens, of which 37% are allocated to the Reserve team and advisors, 27% to ecosystem growth and development, 15% to the Reserve Foundation, and the remaining 21% to community incentives and grants.

Reserve's vision is to create a financial system that is fair and accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or financial status. By providing a decentralized, asset-backed cryptocurrency and payment system, Reserve aims to address the issues of inflation and unreliable banking infrastructure that persist in many parts of the world. With the Reserve platform, individuals and businesses can transact with confidence, knowing that their currency is stable and secure.


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