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Relay Token


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$4.07
Fully Diluted Valuation$3,042,779
Circulating Supply4.3M
Total Supply8.8M
Popularity Rank3233
What is Relay Token?

Relay Token (RELAY) is the native token of RelayChain, a bridging platform that enables traders to access cross-chain opportunities on multiple blockchains. This platform integrates various markets into native DeFi applications, DApps, CEXs, and DEXs, aiming to offer a seamless bridging experience to its users.

One of the key features of RelayChain is its efficiency, which allows users to have a stress-free bridging experience. Moreover, the platform emphasizes security and aims to ensure the safety and security of each transaction through three layers of auditing of all codes and smart contracts.

Smart contracts, which are protocols that run on the blockchain, form the backbone of RelayChain's transaction process. It seeks to be a cost-effective bridging platform that ensures no loss of funds and provides automatic processing of stuck transactions.

Traders on RelayChain enjoy various opportunities, including trading on multiple chains, getting exposure to various DeFi projects, and liquidity pools. Liquidity refers to the ease of converting an asset into traditional currency without impacting the market price.

The RELAY token is at the center of the RelayChain ecosystem, and it allows users to earn passive income without worrying about the risk of loss. One way it does this is through regenerative rewards. RelayChain shares a portion of its generated revenue as staking rewards, giving token holders an opportunity to earn native gas tokens by staking their RELAY tokens.

Gas tokens are Ethereum contracts that enable users to tokenize fees on the Ethereum blockchain. RELAY token holders also benefit from portfolio exposure to multichains by holding and staking their tokens.

The tokenomics of RELAY allocates 25% of the total tokens for network growth funds, 35% for zero relay swap, and 15% for community rewards. The team members receive 10% of the total tokens, while 7.5% goes to marketing, 4% to advisers, and 2.5% to the initial DEX offering (IDO). Finally, 1% goes to legacy zero holders.

RelayChain was formerly a multipurpose DEX integrating bridges until it was launched as a bridging service provider on August 2, 2021. The whitepaper of RelayChain was published on November 21, 2021, and it details the platform's aims, features, and tokenomics. The maximum total supply of RELAY tokens is 10 million tokens.

In summary, RelayToken (RELAY) is a native token of RelayChain that allows traders to access cross-chain opportunities on multiple blockchains seamlessly. The platform's emphasis on efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for traders looking to explore various DeFi projects and liquidity pools. With regenerative rewards, token holders can earn passive income without worrying about the risk of loss, and by staking their tokens, they gain portfolio exposure to multichains.


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