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What is ReFork?

ReFork is on a mission to combat the rampant use of disposable plastics and protect our beloved planet Earth from the detrimental effects of excessive plastic waste. With a bold vision in mind, ReFork aims to capture 10% of the European market for biodegradable products by 2022 and progressively expand its reach into the Asian and US markets. To forge a strong global community, ReFork has embraced tokenization and introduced the EFK token—a multifunctional global virtual voucher that enables individuals worldwide to collaborate with ReFork, champion their vision, and earn rewards based on their EFK token holdings.

Plastic pollution poses a grave threat to our environment and ecosystems. Single-use plastics, in particular, have become a global concern due to their harmful impact on marine life, soil quality, and overall ecological balance. ReFork recognizes the pressing need to address this issue and is committed to revolutionizing the way we approach plastic waste.

To make a tangible difference, ReFork has set its sights on capturing a significant share of the European market for biodegradable products. By 2022, they aim to secure 10% of this market, paving the way for a sustainable and eco-friendly future. Building on this success, ReFork plans to extend its reach to the Asian and US markets, ensuring that their innovative solutions reach communities worldwide.

To create a united and engaged global community, ReFork recognized the power of tokenization. The introduction of the EFK token has revolutionized the way individuals can contribute to ReFork's mission. By holding EFK tokens, anyone, regardless of their geographical location, can actively participate in the ReFork ecosystem, advocate for their cause, and be rewarded accordingly.

The EFK token serves as a multi-function global virtual voucher within the ReFork ecosystem. Holding EFK tokens grants individuals access to various opportunities and benefits. Through the token, community members can collaborate with ReFork, spreading their shared vision of sustainability and actively working towards reducing plastic waste. Furthermore, the number of EFK tokens held determines the magnitude of rewards earned, providing an incentive for continued engagement and commitment.

ReFork firmly believes in empowering individuals around the globe to contribute to the mission of plastic waste reduction. By leveraging the EFK token, they provide a platform for passionate individuals to join forces, support ReFork's initiatives, and collectively drive change on a global scale. Through tokenization, ReFork fosters a sense of ownership and accountability among community members, creating a shared responsibility to protect the planet and promote sustainable practices.

ReFork's use of tokenization has paved the way for a vast network of sustainability advocates, all united under a common goal. By embracing the EFK token, individuals become part of a global movement committed to combating plastic waste. This network extends beyond borders, connecting people from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for sustainability and environmental conservation.

ReFork invites individuals from all corners of the world to join their revolutionary movement. By acquiring and holding EFK tokens, you can actively contribute to the cause, amplify the message of plastic waste reduction, and reap the rewards tied to your token holdings. Together, let us forge a sustainable future, free from the clutches of disposable plastics. Join ReFork today and become an agent of change in the fight against plastic waste.


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