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Real Volume (24H)$17,981.2
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date4/3/2021, 12:39:18 AM
ATL Date10/5/2020, 7:12:07 AM
Circulating Supply4.9B
Total Supply5B
Popularity Rank2683
What is Refereum?

Refereum (RFR) is a blockchain-powered referral platform designed for the gaming industry, aimed at revolutionizing referral marketing in the sector. The platform's decentralized, secure, and transparent marketplace offers a blockchain-based record of purchases and referrals, aimed at eliminating fraud, intermediaries, and various fees. By creating smart contracts directly between game developers and gamers, Refereum seeks to solve referral marketing issues and redistribute marketing budgets to gamers and influencers.

The platform's goal is to benefit all ecosystem participants. Game developers can improve their marketing campaigns, influencers can choose meaningful and monetizable content for their followers, and average gamers can participate in the token economy. With Refereum's blockchain-based solution, developers can reward individuals directly, eliminating the need for large upfront fees for campaigns with no return on funds.

The platform's utility token, RFR, operates on the Ethereum blockchain, providing a secure, dependable, and auditable platform for collaboration and rewards between game developers, influencers, and gamers. The gamers can earn RFR tokens through leveling up in the game, and game developers can purchase the tokens for rewarding specific actions. RFR tokens are transferable from one user to another without any need for interaction with the Refereum platform.

The utilities of RFR tokens include purchasing games on the platform, paying for game features or sponsorships, and paying to have digital goods listed for distribution. With Refereum, gamers can receive RFR tokens as rewards with full transparency, and they can also purchase games and see their receipts on the blockchain. The platform empowers all its participants and offers a solution that benefits everyone in the gaming industry.

Refereum is revolutionizing the gaming industry by utilizing the power of blockchain technology to create a referral marketplace for games. Its referral marketing solution helps game developers to improve their marketing campaigns by eliminating fraud and intermediaries, reducing costs, and offering a direct connection with gamers. With Refereum, influencers of all sizes can select meaningful and monetizable content for their followers. Gamers, on the other hand, can participate in the token economy by leveling up in the game and earning RFR tokens.

RFR tokens, the platform’s utility token, operates on the Ethereum blockchain to provide a secure and dependable platform for game developers, influencers, and gamers. The tokens can be used for a variety of purposes such as purchasing games, paying for game features or sponsorships, or listing digital goods for distribution. With a transparent and auditable platform, Refereum ensures that everyone can benefit from its ecosystem.

In conclusion, Refereum offers a unique solution that benefits all participants in the gaming industry through its blockchain-based referral marketplace. Whether you're a game developer, influencer, or gamer, Refereum provides an opportunity to monetize your engagement and contribute to the growth of the gaming economy.


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