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Real Volume (24H)$1,356.13
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date1/6/2018, 3:00:00 AM
ATL Date5/16/2015, 3:00:00 AM
Circulating Supply31B
Total SupplyN/A
Popularity Rank860
What is Reddcoin?

ReddCoin (RDD) emerges as a social cryptocurrency specifically designed for facilitating tipping and currency transfers for social payments worldwide. Derived from Litecoin, the Redd platform aims to foster positive change and promote empathy and support through various avenues within the Redd community. With ReddCoin, traders and users gain convenient access to a range of Redd products, including ReddBot, ReddNetwork, ReddShare, and ReddWallet.

The ReddCoin platform operates on a voluntary basis, aiming to unite the Redd community in their mission to make a difference in the world. The platform encourages individuals to donate, support, and raise funds for various global causes. Its primary objective is to restore value to humanity and enhance social interaction through Redd.Love, a social movement that promotes inclusivity and encourages support and donations. By leveraging past donations and community-raised funds, the platform aims to become a self-funded project through a network upgrade known as Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV) version 2.

RDD serves as the token that empowers the ReddCoin platform, enabling various forms of payment within the social network. According to the Redd paper, RDD utilizes a unique algorithm called Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV), specifically tailored for the ReddCoin social cryptocurrency. PoSV incentivizes token ownership (stake) and activity (velocity) within the platform. RDD holders have the opportunity to stake their tokens and earn dynamic returns, contributing to network security while receiving a yield on their investment.

ReddCoin, being a fork of Litecoin, benefits from its extremely short block times, striving to create a new block every minute. This feature makes RDD ideal for micropayments and donations, facilitating seamless and efficient transactions on the platform.

In September 2020, Jay "TechAdept" Laurence authored the Redd Book titled "It's time for a change." In August 2019, John "CryptoGnasher" Nash and Jay "TechAdept" Laurence updated The Redd paper, originally written by Larry Ren in April 2014. The ReddCoin core team's vision and dedication have been instrumental in the successful launch and ongoing operation of the project, ensuring its continued growth and development.

In conclusion, ReddCoin (RDD) emerges as a unique social cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the way individuals engage in social payments and support causes worldwide. With its focus on empathy, inclusivity, and positive change, ReddCoin empowers users to tip, donate, and transfer currency seamlessly within the Redd community. Through its innovative Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV) algorithm and voluntary-based organization, ReddCoin seeks to create a self-sustaining platform that values human interaction and societal impact. With a strong history and dedicated core team, ReddCoin is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of social cryptocurrencies and inspire individuals to come together and catalyze positive change for the greater good.


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