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Realio Network


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$7,734,935.74
Fully Diluted Valuation$1,895,238
ATH Date9/16/2020, 6:46:05 PM
ATL Date10/13/2022, 4:20:38 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply94M
Popularity Rank1384
What is Realio Network?

Realio has established itself as a leading digital issuance, financing, and peer-to-peer exchange platform, utilizing a customized distributed network to facilitate issuing and connect decentralized communities. At the core of Realio's operations is the Realio Network, a robust multi-layer solution built on the Realio platform. This innovative network aims to reconcile the worlds of regulation and decentralization by offering Layer 2 issuer controls within a flexible, chain-agnostic protocol.

The Realio Network strives to strike a harmonious balance between chain interoperability, legal compliance, trustless architecture, and seamless peer-to-peer operations. Through Realio's built-in decentralized exchange (DEX) capabilities and the network's interoperability features, tokens created on any supported blockchain can seamlessly access liquidity. This process enables peer-to-peer (wallet-to-wallet) trading, resembling a bulletin board where users can engage in secure and efficient transactions. By leveraging this approach, the platform empowers users while distributing the previously centralized processes of issuance and regulatory compliance across a private and secure network of independent participants.

The overarching mission of the Realio network is to connect retail traders worldwide with income-generating economic opportunities. By facilitating access to previously untapped global capital markets, Realio enables users to engage in transactions that occur around the clock, with speed, low or no cost, and without borders. Realio merges the benefits of blockchain technology with the principles of private equity to extend institutional-quality financing products to a broader global audience, generating long-term value and wealth.

Realio has meticulously designed its platform to accommodate both permissioned and permissionless functionalities, ensuring compliance with rigorous securities requirements. Additionally, Realio plans to establish a liquidity pool and SEC-enabled peer-to-peer liquidity infrastructure, fostering seamless asset trading within its financier network.

At the heart of the Realio Network and platform is the RIO utility token. RIO serves various purposes within the ecosystem, including payment for project creation and token issuance fees, fee payments and discounts on the platform's forum, and acting as the native gas for Realio Network in specific instances.

Realio was founded in 2018 and boasts a leadership team led by CEO Derek S. Boirun and CTO Aaron Gooch. Since its inception, Realio has been committed to driving innovation in the digital issuance and blockchain space. The Realio Network's whitepaper was released in March 2020, outlining the platform's vision and technical specifications. Notably, the total maximum supply of RIO tokens is set at 100 million coins, ensuring a controlled and sustainable token economy.

In conclusion, Realio has emerged as a trailblazer in the digital issuance, financing, and peer-to-peer exchange space, offering a comprehensive platform that embraces the power of decentralization while adhering to regulatory requirements. With the Realio Network's multi-layered approach, users can enjoy seamless connectivity across different blockchain networks, unlocking new opportunities for global capital market participation. Through the utility of the RIO token, Realio fosters a vibrant ecosystem where users can transact, create, and participate in the future of decentralized finance with confidence.


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