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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date8/31/2022, 5:39:59 AM
ATL Date11/17/2022, 8:27:56 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply40M
Popularity Rank12074
What is rainSPIRIT?

rainSPIRIT serves as a liquid wrapper for inSPIRIT, the governance token of SpiritSwap's decentralized protocol (DEX). While inSPIRIT offers staking rewards and voting power to its holders, it comes with the limitation of being non-transferable. Users are required to lock their SPIRIT tokens, the native protocol token of SpiritSwap, for an extended duration to acquire inSPIRIT.

rainSPIRIT addresses the transferability limitation of inSPIRIT by offering users a version of the token that can be freely transferred and swapped back into SPIRIT at any given time through liquidity pools. This innovation unlocks liquidity and provides users with greater flexibility in managing their token holdings.

To obtain rainSPIRIT, users must deposit their SPIRIT tokens, which will then be locked away perpetually into inSPIRIT. This perpetual lock-up mechanism ensures the integrity and stability of the system. In return for locking their SPIRIT tokens, users receive rewards generated from this perpetual lock-up. These rewards are distributed to rainSPIRIT holders, in addition to the rewards earned through the governance power of inSPIRIT.

Benefits of rainSPIRIT

  1. Transferability: rainSPIRIT offers users the freedom to transfer and trade their holdings, enabling them to easily manage their portfolio and capitalize on market opportunities.

  2. Liquidity Provision: The ability to swap rainSPIRIT back into SPIRIT at any time through liquidity pools ensures a seamless and efficient conversion process, enhancing overall liquidity within the SpiritSwap ecosystem.

  3. Enhanced Rewards: By participating in the perpetual lock-up of SPIRIT to acquire rainSPIRIT, users not only gain governance power through inSPIRIT but also receive additional rewards. These rewards, derived from the perpetual lock-up mechanism, provide an attractive incentive for long-term token holders.

rainSPIRIT plays a vital role in enhancing the usability and value proposition of inSPIRIT, the governance token of SpiritSwap's protocol. With the introduction of transferability, users now have the ability to freely trade and manage their inSPIRIT holdings, while still enjoying the benefits of staking rewards and governance power. This innovation not only provides greater flexibility to token holders but also contributes to the overall growth and liquidity of the SpiritSwap ecosystem.

In conclusion, rainSPIRIT serves as the gateway to unlocking liquidity and flexibility for inSPIRIT holders. By offering a transferable version of inSPIRIT, rainSPIRIT enables users to freely trade and swap their tokens while still benefiting from staking rewards and governance power. With its perpetual lock-up mechanism and enhanced rewards, rainSPIRIT empowers users within the SpiritSwap ecosystem, driving growth and innovation in the decentralized exchange space.


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