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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$4,190,639
ATH Date11/9/2021, 5:48:41 PM
ATL Date3/27/2021, 12:50:53 AM
Circulating Supply486M
Total Supply500M
Popularity Rank1787
What is Rainicorn?

Rainicorn (RAINI) is a multifaceted platform that aims to revolutionize the intersection of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a strong focus on gamification. With its presence on the Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Ethereum networks, Rainicorn provides a versatile ecosystem for users to explore and engage with innovative projects.

The platform hosts various projects, each serving a unique purpose and offering exciting opportunities for users. One notable project is Lord of Light, a captivating trading card game that puts players' strategic skills to the test. Users can engage in battles against one another, utilizing their expertise to achieve victory. Through the use of PHOTON tokens, players can enhance their power and earn real-world income by trading these tokens. Lord of Light combines the thrill of gameplay with the potential for financial rewards.

Another notable project on the Rainicorn platform is Raini Launchpad, which serves as a launchpad for crypto initial DEX offerings (IDOs). This feature enables new cryptocurrency projects to raise funds through decentralized trading platforms. Raini Launchpad offers a unique advantage by allowing projects to simultaneously launch on multiple chains, expanding their reach and attracting a wider user base. This opens up exciting opportunities for investors to support promising projects and participate in their growth.

Additionally, Rainicorn aims to establish an incubation seed fund called Raini Seed Fund. This initiative provides a platform for projects to apply for funding under Raini DAO, fostering innovation and supporting the development of groundbreaking ideas within the ecosystem. Through the Raini Seed Fund, promising projects can receive the necessary financial backing to bring their visions to life.

At the core of the Rainicorn platform is its official cryptocurrency, RAINI. This token serves as a gateway to a range of valuable features and products within the ecosystem. By utilizing RAINI tokens, users can access exclusive NFT drops from renowned artists, engage in NFT yield farming and staking, and participate in the NFT-upgrade protocol. NFT drops refer to the launch of new non-fungible token projects, providing users with exciting opportunities to acquire unique digital assets.

Staking RAINI tokens allows users to earn Rainbows, which can be exchanged for various rewards within the platform. Additionally, staking RAINI LP tokens enables users to earn Unicorns, which provide exclusive access to select NFTs and hold greater value compared to other assets. The points accumulated through RAINI staking can be redeemed for desirable NFTs, further enhancing the user experience and providing avenues for value appreciation.

The history of Rainicorn dates back to its foundation by Mindspheres and Artkin. The platform's journey began with the launch of its token and contract audit in March 2021, followed by the introduction of staking opportunities and artist announcements in April 2021. Finally, in July 2021, Rainicorn was officially launched, marking a significant milestone in its evolution as a prominent player in the DeFi and NFT crossover space.

Rainicorn continues to push boundaries and drive innovation, offering a dynamic platform where users can engage with gamified experiences, explore exciting projects, and unlock value through the RAINI cryptocurrency. As the ecosystem evolves, Rainicorn remains committed to providing a thriving environment that supports creativity, collaboration, and the exploration of new possibilities at the intersection of DeFi and NFTs.


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