Rai Reflex Index

Rai Reflex Index


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$216,065
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date2/18/2021, 7:39:01 AM
ATL Date11/9/2022, 6:42:04 PM
Circulating Supply3.5M
Total Supply3.5M
Popularity Rank819
What is Rai Reflex Index?

Rai Reflex Index (RAI) emerges as the pioneering stablecoin on the Reflexer platform, which serves as a fork of Maker. RAI distinguishes itself as a non-pegged, stable asset solely collateralized by ETH. The primary objective of RAI is to mitigate the price volatility of ETH and present a more "stable" alternative for DeFi collateral. Reflexer serves as a platform where users can utilize their crypto collateral to issue reflex indexes, which are non-pegged stable assets.

Reflexer envisions the creation of a governance-minimized and non-pegged stable asset community that operates independently from traditional currencies. To achieve this vision, Reflexer has developed the GEB protocol, a smart contract framework that enables the creation of stable assets through autonomous stabilization using a PID controller. The PID controller, belonging to the class of controllers, influences the future values of a time series. It adapts continuously, even in the absence of predictions. The P term represents the immediate measurement, the I term signifies the past, and the D term indicates expected changes in the future. The RAI platform aims to leverage the PID controller to maintain stability in the market price.

RAI's monetary policy is governed by an on-chain, autonomous controller, offering the advantage of flexibility. This flexibility enables the protocol to devalue or revalue RAI in response to fluctuations in its market price. Through this process, value is transferred between RAI holders and users of SAFE tokens. SAFE token users generate RAI by using their ETH as collateral, while RAI holders have the option to hold, speculate, or utilize RAI in other protocols and applications. This transfer mechanism incentivizes both parties to bring the market price back to a target chosen by the protocol.

RAI on the Reflexer platform encompasses various use cases, including:

  1. Portfolio Diversification: RAI aims to provide reduced exposure to the price movements of ETH, allowing users to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolios.

  2. Source of Yield: Traders can earn yield when RAI's market price aligns with the redemption price set by the protocol on the secondary market.

  3. DeFi Collateral: RAI serves as an alternative collateral or supplement to ETH within DeFi protocols, offering users more time to respond to market shifts and mitigating the impact of ETH's price fluctuations.

  4. DAO Reserve Asset: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) can hold RAI on their balance sheets, gaining exposure to ETH without being overly affected by drastic market swings.

Reflexer introduces an ungovernance token, FLX, which provides decentralized security incentives for the platform. By embracing the concept of ungovernance, Reflexer aims to eliminate human control from the RAI system, ensuring social scalability and fostering a more robust ecosystem.

Turning to the history of Rai Reflex Index (RAI), the creators behind the project are Reflexer Labs, spearheaded by Ameen Soleimani and Stefan Ionescu. Ameen Soleimani boasts a background as the co-founder of SpankChain, an Ethereum-based micropayment processor, while Stefan Ionescu previously worked in research and development at Binance X.

To acquire Rai Reflex Index (RAI) tokens, interested individuals can engage in trading activities on various exchanges, including Coinbase. These exchanges provide a straightforward, secure, and reliable means to purchase RAI tokens and participate in the Reflexer ecosystem.


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