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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$57,725
ATH Date12/12/2021, 2:24:58 PM
ATL Date11/10/2022, 2:30:13 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply2M
Popularity Rank12033
What is QuizDrop?

Quizdrop introduces a groundbreaking play-to-earn game that operates on both the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Harmony One chain. By engaging in the quiz game, Quizdrop members have the opportunity to earn $Qdrop tokens as rewards. The platform offers the flexibility for token holders to trade on the BSC chain while playing on the Harmony Chain.

In order to participate in the quiz, players are required to lock a minimum of 2 $Qdrop tokens. Once the tokens are locked, players can enjoy playing the quiz games until the lock period ends. It's important to note that each BSC address has a minimum lock requirement of 2 $Qdrop tokens and a maximum lock limit of 10 $Qdrop tokens, which provides an increased reward factor of 5x. By participating in the quiz and demonstrating their knowledge, players can earn valuable rewards.

Quizdrop offers various types of quiz games to cater to different preferences and maximize earning potential:

  1. General Play-to-Earn Quiz Games: Participants have the opportunity to earn $Qdrop tokens as rewards for their performance in the quiz games. By showcasing their knowledge and skills, players can accumulate rewards and enhance their token holdings.

  2. Sponsored Play-to-Earn Quiz Games: In addition to earning $Qdrop tokens, participants in sponsored quiz games can also receive sponsored tokens as extra rewards. This adds an additional layer of excitement and potential value for players.

  3. Rapid Quizstake: This mode requires participants to stake a specific number of $Qdrop tokens in the pool. The top 100 players or the top 10% (whichever is fewer) will be rewarded based on their performance. Rapid Quizstake provides a competitive edge for players to showcase their expertise and earn significant rewards.

  4. Multiplayer Grand Tournament: In this mode, players can engage in multiplayer quiz games where they can not only play but also chat and interact with other participants. The multiplayer aspect adds a social element to the gameplay experience, fostering a sense of community. Moreover, players have the chance to win substantial rewards by performing well in the tournament.

Quizdrop's innovative approach to combining gaming and earning opportunities opens up new possibilities for players seeking both entertainment and financial rewards. By leveraging the capabilities of the BSC and Harmony One chains, the platform ensures seamless gameplay and access to a diverse range of quiz game options. Whether players are looking to test their knowledge, compete in tournaments, or engage in multiplayer experiences, Quizdrop offers a captivating and rewarding environment.


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