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Real Volume (24H)$689,067.09
Fully Diluted Valuation$1,127,857
ATH Date11/27/2021, 10:36:50 PM
ATL Date10/17/2022, 4:45:59 AM
Circulating Supply2.3B
Total Supply3.3B
Popularity Rank639
What is QANplatform?

QANplatform (QANX) emerges as an innovative quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain network designed to empower developers and businesses in building software applications, including DeFi and DApps, while enabling the seamless operation of business processes on the blockchain. Serving as a foundational infrastructure for all blockchain projects and applications, QANplatform offers a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between business operations and the blockchain ecosystem.

The platform distinguishes itself by facilitating an environment-friendly approach that eliminates excessive energy consumption. As outlined in the whitepaper, QANplatform rewards users who contribute their computers to run nodes and those who develop generic smart contracts. Leveraging Ethereum's standard of running generic token-metered smart contracts, QANplatform's core functionality is deeply rooted in the principles of the renowned blockchain network.

At the heart of QANplatform lies its groundbreaking consensus mechanism known as Proof-of-Randomness (PoR). This innovative approach allows the project to avoid computationally intensive tasks, making QANplatform highly eco-friendly. Additionally, the platform demonstrates exceptional scalability, enabling millions of users to connect to the system without experiencing significant delays. This scalability empowers QANplatform to achieve high transaction throughput per second (TPS) while maintaining relatively low processing and energy requirements. Furthermore, QANplatform's robust cryptographic methods ensure resilience against attacks from both classical and quantum computers, safeguarding the integrity and security of the platform.

QANX serves as the native cryptocurrency of the QANplatform ecosystem, offering users a range of functionalities and utilities. Some notable uses of the QANX token include:

  1. Payment for Execution Methods: DApp users can acquire QANX tokens to pay for the execution methods of deployed contracts, enabling seamless interaction with the platform's decentralized applications.

  2. Contract Development: Developers utilize QANX tokens to pay for contract development, unlocking the full potential of the QANplatform for creating innovative and efficient smart contract solutions.

  3. Transaction Fees: QANX token holders are required to pay transaction fees when transferring tokens, supporting the network's integrity and sustainability.

  4. Validation Process Participation: Validators must acquire validation tickets using QANX tokens to participate in the validation process, ensuring the robustness and security of the network.

  5. Community Rewards: QANX token holders enjoy various rewards and incentives within the community. These rewards include smart-contract royalty fees, token challenge and bug-bounty awards, validation rewards, and full-node provider payments, fostering an active and engaged community ecosystem.

Moreover, obtaining a full-node license requires the possession of QANX tokens, granting users the opportunity to become full-node providers and actively contribute to the network's operations and maintenance.

The QANplatform project was established in 2019, laying the foundation for its ambitious goals and vision. Co-founded by Johann Polecsak, an esteemed economist, the project has brought together a dedicated team of over thirty members spanning multiple countries, working collaboratively to drive the advancement and success of the QANplatform ecosystem. With their expertise and passion, the team strives to revolutionize the blockchain landscape and empower developers and businesses with cutting-edge solutions.

By offering an eco-friendly infrastructure, unparalleled scalability, and quantum-resistant cryptography, QANplatform is set to make a significant impact on the blockchain industry, providing a robust and user-friendly platform for decentralized application development and business process optimization.


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