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Real Volume (24H)$87,709.75
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date11/15/2021, 10:04:01 AM
ATL Date12/31/2021, 12:27:57 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply5.9M
Popularity Rank11739
What is Proxy?

Proxy, now known as BTC Proxy, is an institutional-grade Bitcoin DeFi bridge designed to connect the Polygon and Ethereum networks. With a focus on multinational institutions, the platform offers a scalable layer-2 protocol for decentralized tokenization of Bitcoin. Users can easily trade and manage their assets across different blockchains using the Proxy Relay, a bridge that allows Bitcoin holders to stake and transfer their Bitcoin to Ethereum or Polygon without relying on centralized exchange systems.

The BTC Proxy platform recognizes the challenges faced within the current Ethereum ecosystem. It aims to address these challenges by providing a permissionless and decentralized bridge for transferring Bitcoin value to Ethereum and Matic. The dominance of smart contracts in DEXs and digital swaps, as well as the increasing counterparty risks associated with centralized exchanges and systems, are areas the platform seeks to overcome. By offering features such as minting, redemption, yield earning, custody services with regulated custodians, and PROXY governance, BTC Proxy aims to provide a comprehensive solution.

At its core, BTC Proxy functions as a Bitcoin Liquidity Protocol, enabling users to trade and transfer funds without experiencing price slippage. The protocol's independent liquidity influences exchange prices on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The ecosystem aims to empower users with financial freedom while providing a secure and efficient bridge for transferring funds. It also offers flexibility for redemption and standardization of Bitcoin in MRC20 and ERC20 formats.

Within the BTC Proxy ecosystem, a community-governed DAO structure is in place, with two tokens working together: MATIC and PRXY. MATIC serves as a reward token, while PRXY functions as a governance token, driving the growth of the ecosystem. PRXY is an ERC20-based protocol token.

PRXY token holders can submit proposals or funding requests to improve the ecosystem, and PRXY is also used for staking, Bitcoin farming, paying gas fees for minting and redeeming BTCpx, and liquidity mining. BTCpx serves as the deposit to custody minted coins, fueling the BTC Proxy ecosystem. Additionally, users can earn PRXY by providing liquidity to BTCpx in the Automated Market-Making (AMM) pool and staking liquidity pool tokens into the staking contracts.

The founder and CEO of the BTC Proxy ecosystem is Donnie Kim. The platform was launched with a maximum supply of 21 million PRXY tokens, marking an important milestone in the history of Proxy (PRXY).

In conclusion, BTC Proxy, formerly known as Proxy, presents a groundbreaking solution in the world of decentralized finance by bridging the gap between the Bitcoin ecosystem and the Ethereum and Polygon networks. With its innovative technology, the platform offers institutional-grade services to multinational institutions and individuals alike, allowing them to seamlessly trade and manage their assets across different blockchains. By providing a scalable layer-2 protocol, BTC Proxy addresses the challenges faced in the Ethereum ecosystem and empowers users with financial freedom and secure, decentralized solutions. With the support of the community-governed DAO structure and the PRXY governance token, the BTC Proxy ecosystem is poised for growth and continued advancements in the field of Bitcoin DeFi. As the project continues to evolve under the leadership of its founder, Donnie Kim, BTC Proxy is set to make a significant impact in shaping the future of decentralized finance and blockchain interoperability.


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