Poodl Token

Poodl Token


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$49,945
Fully Diluted Valuation$2,164,806
Circulating Supply80T
Total Supply100T
Popularity Rank1751
What is Poodl Token?

POODL is a revolutionary token that is designed to empower the community and drive innovation in a range of key areas. At the heart of POODL is a strong commitment to charity, with a portion of every transaction being dedicated to this important cause. Additionally, POODL is actively exploring the potential of 3D and augmented reality apps, as well as gaming experiences that incorporate real-world elements.

One of the key features of POODL is its deflationary design, which generates self-liquidity and encourages community involvement. This is achieved through a series of passive income streams, including a 6% overall tax on buys and sells, with 1% being burned, 2% being given back to all holders through redistribution, 2% being used to fund new marketing initiatives, and 1% being split equally between charity and liquidity.

For those who are looking for a safe and non-toxic environment in which to invest, POODL offers a number of compelling advantages. With 5 years of locked BNB liquidity through Unicrypt, POODL provides a secure and stable investment opportunity, while its community-focused approach helps to ensure that everyone benefits. Whether you're an avid gamer, an NFT enthusiast, or simply looking to support a worthy cause, POODL is the perfect choice.

Moreover, POODL's focus on real-world games and geocaching of NFTs on the roadmap highlights its commitment to delivering engaging and immersive experiences for users. By incorporating these elements, POODL aims to bring the world of virtual gaming and NFTs to life, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for players and collectors alike.

In addition to its innovative features and charitable initiatives, POODL is also dedicated to providing a safe and non-toxic environment for all users. This includes strict measures to prevent toxic behavior and ensure that everyone can participate in a friendly and supportive community. Whether you're new to the world of cryptocurrencies or an experienced investor, POODL is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a positive and community-driven investment opportunity.

Overall, POODL represents a unique and exciting opportunity for anyone looking to participate in the growth of the gaming and NFT communities. With its deflationary design, focus on charity, and innovative features, POODL is poised to be a leading player in the years to come.


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