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Real Volume (24H)$28,167.72
Fully Diluted Valuation$484,336
ATH Date11/30/2021, 4:13:52 AM
ATL Date8/30/2022, 9:33:33 PM
Circulating Supply72M
Total Supply89M
Popularity Rank3315
What is PolkaWar?

PolkaWar (PWAR) is an innovative blockchain-based gaming platform that seamlessly combines the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the exciting realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This unique decentralized gaming platform offers players the opportunity to create and customize their own unique characters, engage in thrilling digital battles with other players, and even trade valuable in-game items such as weapons and equipment in exchange for crypto assets. What sets PolkaWar apart is its ambition to bridge the gap between virtual and real worlds by allowing players to redeem real-life replicas of some of the most coveted in-game items.

The vision behind PolkaWar, as outlined in their comprehensive whitepaper, is to create a captivating digital fighting game universe inspired by the explosive popularity of NFTs within the crypto space. Within this immersive gaming world, players can choose from three distinctive characters - the Warrior, Archer, and Magician - and embark on epic quests armed with an array of weapons and combat equipment. As players progress through various levels, they have the opportunity to upgrade their characters and unlock new advancements. One of the standout features of PolkaWar is the integrated NFT marketplace, where players can auction their hard-earned in-game items and earn tangible value for their skills and dedication.

At the heart of the PolkaWar ecosystem lies the native cryptocurrency, PWAR. This utility token plays a vital role in facilitating transactions and incentivizing active participation within the platform. Liquidity providers are rewarded with PWAR tokens, which are also distributed as staking rewards. Transaction fees on the marketplace and rental fees for various NFTs are collected in PWAR. Players can utilize PWAR tokens to acquire a wide range of in-game equipment, powerful weapons, and valuable NFTs. Additionally, PWAR serves as a governance token, enabling holders to actively participate in decentralized governance processes, contributing to crucial decisions related to the platform's development, growth, revenue allocation, and more.

As of now, the PolkaWar gaming platform is still in the development phase, with an anticipated launch scheduled for March 2022. However, the team behind PolkaWar, led by CEO and co-founder Jackson Mohr, an esteemed programming expert and crypto trader, is diligently working to bring their ambitious vision to life. The total supply of PWAR tokens is capped at 90 million, with a distribution plan allocating 20% for marketing, 3% for public sale, 10% for private sale, and 20% for the foundation.

In conclusion, PolkaWar (PWAR) is set to revolutionize the gaming industry by fusing the power of blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and non-fungible tokens. With its captivating digital fighting game world, players can immerse themselves in thrilling battles, trade valuable in-game assets, and earn tangible value for their skills and dedication. The integration of PWAR as a utility and governance token adds an extra layer of engagement and empowerment for the PolkaWar community. As the launch date approaches, gaming enthusiasts and blockchain enthusiasts alike eagerly await the unveiling of PolkaWar, ready to embark on an unforgettable gaming experience powered by the possibilities of blockchain technology.


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