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Real Volume (24H)$181,059.45
Fully Diluted Valuation$3,908,671
ATH Date3/16/2021, 1:41:05 PM
ATL Date2/9/2022, 3:45:05 AM
Circulating Supply100M
Total Supply100M
Popularity Rank2028
What is Polkamarkets?

Polkamarkets (POLK) emerges as a decentralized finance platform that aims to revolutionize the prediction market space. Powered by Polkadot, Polkamarkets is an autonomous prediction market that serves as a multi-blockchain information exchange platform. By participating in real-world events, users on the platform have the opportunity to earn incentives while leveraging their knowledge and insights.

The intersection between decentralized finance and information exchange presents a unique opportunity within prediction markets. These markets serve as platforms where users and traders can utilize their past, present, and future knowledge to forecast outcomes based on real-world events. However, existing prediction markets face challenges such as liquidity and market scarcity, a lack of active traders, and confusion surrounding duplicate needs. Polkamarkets aims to address these issues by incentivizing liquidity providers and traders to actively engage in the market. The platform also emphasizes the importance of a curation and resolution system to ensure efficiency and trustworthiness in its markets.

Polkamarkets allows users to participate in a wide range of real-life events, including e-sports tournaments, the future of cryptocurrencies, and political events, among others. Users can make predictions on these events and earn incentives based on the accuracy of their forecasts. Additionally, users have the ability to create their own events and invite others to participate. The platform supports live streaming of e-sports events and provides a marketplace for crypto price predictions. Users can engage in live chats and virtual events within the online community. Furthermore, Polkamarkets embraces NFT technology and offers achievement badges that grant access to an exclusive marketplace.

The native cryptocurrency of the Polkamarkets platform is POLK. Users have various opportunities to earn POLK tokens. Providing liquidity to the platform is one way to earn POLK, as trading fees on Polkamarkets are distributed to liquidity providers. The platform also plans to introduce mining capabilities, allowing users to mine POLK in the near future.

Polkamarkets (POLK) was launched in the first and second quarters of 2021. Initially deployed on the Ethereum network, the platform later migrated to the Polkadot blockchain. The team behind Polkamarkets includes Ricardo Marques as CEO, Francisco Lourenco as CMO, and Henrique Caiano as a product advisor. The total supply of POLK tokens is set at one hundred million coins.

In summary, Polkamarkets (POLK) introduces a decentralized finance platform that focuses on prediction markets. By harnessing the power of Polkadot, the platform provides users with opportunities to participate in real-world events and earn incentives based on their predictions. With a strong emphasis on liquidity, efficient curation, and resolution systems, Polkamarkets aims to transform the prediction market landscape. With its shift to the Polkadot blockchain and a talented team behind its development, Polkamarkets positions itself as an innovative force in the crypto space, catering to users' prediction needs while promoting active engagement and value creation.


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