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ATH Date1/12/2022, 10:09:00 AM
ATL Date5/13/2022, 2:05:25 AM
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Total Supply3B
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What is Pledge?

Pledge Protocol (Pledge) emerges as a groundbreaking algorithm-driven, financial NFT-based ecosystem, offering lending and derivatives solutions across various major public chains. Currently, Pledge is establishing its foundation on the Binance Smart Chain, paving the way for a decentralized and cross-chain platform.

At its core, Pledge is a decentralized protocol that introduces money markets with algorithmically fixed interest rates. By leveraging advanced algorithms, Pledge ensures that interest rates remain stable and predictable, providing users with a reliable financial environment. Through this innovative approach, Pledge establishes a solid foundation for lending and borrowing activities within the ecosystem.

Pledge introduces its native token called PLGR, which plays a crucial role within the ecosystem. PLGR tokens are generated based on the supply and demand dynamics of specific cryptocurrencies. These tokens enable users to seamlessly exchange the time value of money, derived from collateralized digital assets and stablecoins. By facilitating frictionless transactions, PLGR tokens unlock the full potential of financial NFTs within the Pledge ecosystem.

Pledge offers a range of powerful tools and features designed to empower users within the ecosystem. These tools include:

  1. Lending: Pledge allows users to lend their digital assets, earning interest on their holdings. Through the algorithmically fixed interest rates, users can confidently participate in lending activities and grow their wealth within the Pledge ecosystem.

  2. Derivatives: Pledge enables users to engage in derivative trading, providing opportunities to speculate on the future value of digital assets. With derivatives, users can diversify their investment strategies and potentially generate additional profits within the ecosystem.

  3. Cross-Chain Compatibility: Pledge breaks down barriers by operating across multiple major public chains. This cross-chain compatibility ensures that users can seamlessly interact with various blockchain networks, expanding their opportunities and access to a diverse range of assets.

  4. Collateralized Digital Assets: Pledge allows users to collateralize their digital assets, providing a secure and reliable method for borrowing against their holdings. This feature opens up avenues for liquidity and enables users to unlock the value of their assets without selling them.

As the primary currency within the Pledge ecosystem, PLGR tokens play a pivotal role in facilitating transactions, governing the protocol, and rewarding participants. With a total supply of 3 billion PLGR tokens, the ecosystem is designed to ensure a fair and balanced distribution. By holding PLGR tokens, users gain voting rights and the ability to participate in the governance of the protocol, shaping its future direction.

Pledge's commitment to cross-chain compatibility sets it apart from traditional financial ecosystems. By leveraging multiple major public chains, Pledge expands its reach and unlocks new opportunities for users. This cross-chain approach enables seamless interaction with different blockchain networks, ensuring that users can access a wide array of assets and participate in diverse financial activities.


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