Plant vs Undead Token

Plant vs Undead Token


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Real Volume (24H)$518,207
Fully Diluted Valuation$9,058,205
Circulating Supply44M
Total Supply300M
Popularity Rank1879
What is Plant vs Undead Token?

Plant Vs Undead (PVU) is a thrilling multiplayer tower defense game that takes inspiration from many of the widely known and popular tower defense games. The game is set in the world of Planet Plants, which was once a peaceful home to animals and a variety of plants. Unfortunately, the animals on Planet Plants turned into the Undead due to a strange disease and began destroying all living beings. However, to save everyone, including the Mother Trees, some Seeds have grown into plants with magical powers to fight the Undead.

PVU aims to offer an innovative blend of tower defense gaming and the newest blockchain technology known as NFT (non-fungible token). The platform also focuses on providing a free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanism for a better user experience. Moreover, PVU has made mobile phones its primary focus to enable users to play the game anytime, anywhere, with an active internet connection.

One of the unique features that PVU offers is Fusion Gameplay, which combines tower defense and farmer simulation gaming experiences. This innovative combination creates a unique gameplay experience for users to enjoy. Furthermore, the platform has been designed with a free-to-play infrastructure that eliminates any financial barriers that may deter users from playing the game.

The platform has its in-game tokens, which are used as its own currency. This feature allows users to make purchases and transactions on the platform without relying on external payment methods. Additionally, PVU has a play-to-earn feature that allows users to earn rewards simply by playing the game. This feature is aimed at creating an engaging and rewarding gaming experience for users.

PVU also has an improved marketplace that aims to improve user experience with a smooth transaction mechanism. This marketplace has no hefty fees, making it easier for users to trade their in-game assets. The platform has four different gameplays that users can engage in, including Basic Gameplay, Farming and Cultivation, Game Asset, and Marketplace.

The Basic Gameplay includes an endless survival mode where players can engage in battles between the undead and plants. The Farming and Cultivation mode involves players growing various types of plants from seeds, with the chance to earn rewards during the process. Players can use plants from the in-game shop and NFT marketplace to grow their plants. These plants also have the chance to bear Light Energy, which can be exchanged for the platform's native token, PVU.

The Game Asset gameplay involves game assets that can only be used in a fixed way to maintain the rarity of NFT games. This feature ensures that the utility of the game assets is fixed, giving the platform enough room for new updates and expansions. Finally, the Marketplace allows players to trade their plants on the platform's marketplace, reducing the fee to as low as 5%. PVU is the platform's native token, allowing its holders to play, trade, and be a part of the game. The PVU token can also be used as an in-game currency, exchanging NFT assets and facilitating the play-to-earn feature.

In conclusion, Plant Vs Undead is an exciting multiplayer tower defense game that aims to provide a unique gaming experience to users. With its innovative blend of tower defense and farmer simulation gameplay, PVU is set to offer a fun and engaging gaming experience. The platform's focus on free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanisms ensures that users have an enjoyable and rewarding experience while playing the game. Additionally, the improved marketplace, in-game tokens, and game asset features all contribute to making PVU stand out as a top-tier blockchain-based gaming platform.


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