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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date3/20/2021, 3:01:47 PM
ATL Date5/23/2020, 10:09:04 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply220M
Popularity Rank2841
What is PIZZA?

In today's rapidly evolving crypto space, the PIZZA system offers a groundbreaking solution to token creation and management. Built on the EOS platform, PIZZA is a decentralized smart token system that allows any user to create a new token with advanced features. With PIZZA, users can set parameters such as Peg Target, Storage Ratios, Liquidation Ratios, and Permitted Scope of crypto assets, making token creation easier than ever before.

PIZZA offers a multi-chain solution, with a scope of compatible crypto assets that is now expanded through the cross-chain gateway. The PIZZA system is designed to utilize the multi-chain crypto ecosystem and will take full advantage of the features offered by Cosmos or Polkadot once they become mature.

The PIZZA Token is the key to unlocking the many utilities provided by the PIZZA system. These include the launch of new tokens with advanced features, as well as the maintenance of an automatic storage, creation, and redemption process. Users can redeem PIZZA Tokens to pay for permission to utilize various functions of the PIZZA system, and even propose demands for new or adjusted functions.

As an added incentive, the PIZZA Token holder may submit proposals for new functions or adjustments to existing ones. Each month, the top three proposals (in terms of the amount of endorsed PIZZA Tokens) will receive a reward of PIZZA Tokens from the Foundation.

While the PIZZA team may offer to repurchase PIZZA Tokens, the purchasing price will be at a discount to the initial sale price or whatever the face value is at the time of purchase. The development of the PIZZA system, DApp, and Token will be fully funded by THRONE STARLIGHT LIMITED (TSL) through its own capital resources. TSL will not use funds received for the purchase of PIZZA Tokens to develop the PIZZA system, DApp, or Token. Each of these will be fully developed and operational at the time the PIZZA Token is ready for sale and circulation.

It is important to note that PIZZA Tokens are non-refundable. Users will only be able to redeem their PIZZA Tokens for the services and utilities provided by the PIZZA system. The PIZZA Tokens are not designed for potential market value increase; instead, they will be most effective if the market value is relatively stable.

In conclusion, the PIZZA system is a revolutionary decentralized smart token solution that allows anyone to create and manage advanced tokens with ease. With a multi-chain solution and advanced features, the PIZZA system is set to revolutionize the crypto space. Join the PIZZA community today and discover the power of decentralized token creation and management.


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