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Circulating Supply5.1B
Total Supply31B
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What is Pivot Token?

Pivot Token, abbreviated as PVT, is a dynamic blockchain investment and exchange platform designed to offer a comprehensive set of services to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. The primary aim of Pivot Token is to create a community-driven ecosystem that empowers its members with the latest information and knowledge in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. With a real-time market dashboard, investment and communication services, Pivot Token aims to be the go-to destination for all things crypto.

Pivot Token is built on the principle of collaboration and community involvement. The platform provides a space for blockchain investors to communicate freely and form collaborative groups to help each other make informed investment decisions. To achieve this, the Pivot Token community offers two evaluation systems - community contribution and token. The community contribution system allows members to monitor valuable information and help identify quality projects for investment. On the other hand, the token system helps reward community members for their contributions and efforts.

One of the biggest challenges that blockchain investors face is asymmetric information and difficulty in finding high-quality projects. Pivot Token aims to overcome these hurdles by providing free information sharing, a set of irreversible and permanent data storage mechanisms, and a community-driven project evaluation system. This enables members to improve their blockchain awareness, collaborate with each other, and make informed investment decisions.

The Pivot Token (PVT) is the backbone of the community and serves as the value certificate. The token has a wide range of use cases within the community, including payment billing and trading functions on the Pivot App. The value of the PVT token is determined through a Community Proof of Contribution (CPOC) algorithm, which assesses each member's contribution to the community. PVT tokens are distributed through airdrops, prediction mining, and read mining.

In conclusion, Pivot Token is a unique platform that aims to provide blockchain investors with a community-driven and collaborative environment to help them make informed investment decisions. With real-time market updates, investment and communication services, and a community-driven evaluation system, Pivot Token is set to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies.


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