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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date4/20/2021, 10:47:28 AM
ATL Date12/22/2022, 10:15:19 PM
Circulating Supply96T
Total Supply50T
Popularity Rank2215
What is Pika?

Pika (PIKA) stands as a primary cryptocurrency and the lifeblood of GameFi (Gaming Finance) and its associated projects. The platform sets out to bridge the gap between digital asset management, cutting-edge tokenomics, and the real gaming world. Inspired by the small mountain-dwelling mammal found in North America and Asia, PIKA aims to offer a large supply of tokens with unique burn rates, innovative staking mechanisms, evolution systems, and liquidity models. Token burning, a process where a fraction of tokens is permanently removed by sending them to a wallet with no private key, plays a significant role in reducing token availability and potentially increasing market value.

The main objective of PIKA is to revolutionize the NFTs and gaming cryptosphere by creating a more immersive and game-like DeFi environment. In addition to its reward-based gaming system and evolution-driven staking, the network strives to become a sought-after asset among newcomers to the crypto world. The ecosystem consists of three major tokens: PIKA, Thunder, and Rai coins, each serving a specific purpose within the platform.

PIKA operates as an ERC-20 based token built on the Ethereum network, making it compatible with a wide range of decentralized applications. The deflationary model employed by PIKA aims to gradually decrease its supply over time, increasing scarcity and potentially driving value. The token leverages a liquidity provision contract, particularly beneficial for beginners. The Uniswap decentralized exchange plays a crucial role in facilitating liquidity pools, where assets are locked in smart contracts to enable seamless trading between cryptocurrencies. By providing liquidity to the ETH and PIKA pools, users can earn LP (liquidity provider) tokens, allowing them to benefit from a share of the 0.3% fee imposed on each Uniswap trade. Additionally, PIKA tokens incorporate redistribution fees, with 1% allocated to relevant staking pools (Rai, Thunder, and Pika), 1.75% directed to company funds, and 0.25% burned, reducing the overall token supply.

Historically, Pika (PIKA) has evolved as a community-driven currency, propelled by the collective efforts of its dedicated community members. With a maximum total supply of 50,000,000,000,000 PIKA tokens, the platform aims to foster a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem for gaming enthusiasts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, Pika (PIKA) emerges as a trailblazing cryptocurrency platform, seamlessly merging the worlds of gaming and decentralized finance. With its innovative approach to tokenomics, emphasis on user rewards and engagement, and commitment to building a thriving community, PIKA strives to set a new standard in the world of cryptocurrencies. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and offering a range of exciting features and opportunities, PIKA paves the way for a more gamified and immersive DeFi ecosystem, attracting both experienced and novice users to explore the world of gaming finance.


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