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What is Phaeton?

Phaeton (PHAE) is an organization dedicated to providing blockchain services and technology solutions. With a strong focus on making a positive social impact, Phaeton has developed a blockchain system aimed at improving the quality of life for all individuals. The platform envisions a future where blockchain technology is leveraged to address societal and environmental challenges and create a social benefit system.

The primary objective of Phaeton, as outlined in its whitepaper, is to identify existing social issues within communities and utilize blockchain technology to develop innovative solutions. By collaborating with industries, impact investors, NGOs, donors, and technologists, Phaeton aims to create a world that is more conducive to the well-being of all. The platform has harnessed its unique blockchain technology to create a system that offers faster processing speeds, enhanced security, and affordable technology, all while ensuring absolute autonomy.

Phaeton provides a range of services designed to enhance accessibility and promote interoperability. The platform focuses on both private and public blockchain networks, creating a secure and reliable ecosystem that utilizes proof of work. One of the key aspects of Phaeton's approach is the establishment of an entirely autonomous management structure, ensuring a network that operates free from bias or favoritism.

At the heart of the Phaeton ecosystem is its native token, PHAE. Similar to the Ethereum network, the Phaeton coin exchange model is employed whenever ERC20 tokens are utilized within the platform. PHAE coins play a crucial role in rewarding and incentivizing participants operating on the Phaeton blockchain network. With 250 million Phaeton tokens currently in circulation, along with 500 million pre-mined tokens and a reserve of approximately 2,505 million Phaeton currency, the platform ensures a stable and robust token economy.

Phaeton was officially registered in January 2018 by Chai Shepherd and Damian Robson. In February 2019, the Phaeton Blockchain MainNET was launched, marking a significant milestone in the platform's development. The leadership team of Phaeton comprises Ron Forlee as the CEO, Damian Robson as the COO, and Jeremy Wolfe as the CFO. Together, they bring a wealth of expertise and experience to guide the platform's growth and success.

In summary, Phaeton (PHAE) is a pioneering organization that leverages blockchain technology to address social challenges and create a positive impact on society. With a commitment to collaboration and innovation, Phaeton aims to improve the quality of life for individuals by harnessing the power of blockchain. The platform's native token, PHAE, plays a central role in its ecosystem, enabling participants to be rewarded for their contributions. With a dedicated team at the helm, Phaeton is poised to drive meaningful change and shape the future of blockchain-based social benefit systems.


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