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Real Volume (24H)$38,932.55
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date4/4/2021, 7:24:51 AM
ATL Date9/26/2020, 11:59:05 PM
Circulating Supply248M
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank3589
What is Pawtocol?

Pawtocol (UPI) stands as a revolutionary multi-functional platform, catering to pet lovers worldwide. With a vision to introduce decentralization and transparency to the thriving pet care industry, Pawtocol aims to unite a global community of pet parents, pet product manufacturers, and service providers, all dedicated to enhancing pet care standards. Leveraging blockchain technology, Pawtocol has developed a platform that fosters a pet-focused economy while promoting transparency and accountability.

At its core, Pawtocol integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence and a blockchain-based reward system to engage network participants and drive the adoption of pet technology within the ecosystem. Recognizing that pets cannot communicate their discomfort or health issues, Pawtocol endeavors to educate pet owners with accurate information, identify potential health concerns, and offer alternative diets and care routines. Committed to leveraging the latest technology for the benefit of pet owners, Pawtocol introduces pet tags, a unique wearable device that stores essential pet data. Leveraging the power of IoT sensors, Pawtocol collects and processes data on pets and breeds, making it accessible through the Pawtocol tag app. IoT, or "Internet of Things," refers to the network of physical objects connected to the internet, enabling seamless data exchange.

Driven by a community-centric approach, Pawtocol empowers users by putting control in their hands. The platform incorporates crowd verification, enabling consumers to vet and review pet products and services. This feature prevents pet owners from falling victim to misrepresented products and connects them with trusted service providers. By harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology, Pawtocol incentivizes users to share their pet data by rewarding them with UPI tokens, the platform's native currency.

At the heart of Pawtocol's pet care ecosystem lies the Universal Pet Income (UPI) token. Both users and businesses can earn UPI tokens by sharing data, reviewing products, and offering pet-related services. These tokens can then be used within the ecosystem to purchase pet supplies, toys, and services. Additionally, Pawtocol allows users to mint unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) representing their pets, offering opportunities to collect and trade these digital assets in the NFT marketplace.

The history of Pawtocol (UPI) traces back to its founder, Pawtocol LLC, a limited liability company based in Delaware, led by Karim Quazzani. Karim, an accomplished entrepreneur with expertise in client acquisition, spearheads the Pawtocol initiative. The Pawtocol whitepaper was initially created in January 2021 and was last updated on October 2, 2021, reflecting the continuous development and evolution of the platform.

In conclusion, Pawtocol (UPI) revolutionizes the pet care industry by leveraging blockchain technology to create a transparent and community-driven ecosystem. With its innovative approach to pet wellness, crowd verification, and UPI token rewards, Pawtocol empowers pet owners, fosters trust, and establishes a global community dedicated to providing the best care for their beloved pets.


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