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Parrot USD


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$33,269.85
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date10/15/2022, 2:41:51 PM
ATL Date9/15/2022, 4:59:22 PM
Circulating Supply7.4M
Total Supply17M
Popularity Rank1688
What is Parrot USD?

The Parrot Protocol emerges as a groundbreaking DeFi network built on Solana, with a mission to tackle a significant challenge: enabling accessibility to the value locked within DeFi systems. Through a range of innovative use cases, including the introduction of the stablecoin PAI, a non-custodial lending market, and a margin trading vAMM, the Parrot Protocol aims to revolutionize the DeFi landscape and empower users.

In the current DeFi landscape, billions of dollars remain locked in various DeFi systems, transformed into yield generating tokens like Uniswap LP tokens or AAVE interest bearing tokens. However, the lack of available use cases for these LP tokens poses a significant hurdle. The value locked within DeFi, represented by LP tokens, remains inaccessible due to opaque risks and unsuitable units of account.

Addressing this challenge head-on, the Parrot Protocol is committed to making the value locked within LP tokens accessible to users. This is achieved by establishing a liquidity and lending network collateralized by these LP tokens. Now, let's take a sneak peek at the Secret Parrot Master Plan:

  1. Creation of PAI Stablecoin: The Parrot Protocol introduces the PAI stablecoin, which is backed by LP tokens serving as collateral. By establishing a common unit of account, PAI simplifies transactions among holders of different types of LP tokens, enabling seamless interactions and fostering greater liquidity.

  2. Parrot Lending Market: Building on the foundation of LP tokens as collateral, the Parrot Protocol unveils the Parrot Lending market. This innovative platform empowers LP token holders to unlock their locked value by borrowing against lender liquidity. Through this mechanism, users can access the value of their LP tokens without relinquishing ownership, opening up new opportunities for financial flexibility.

  3. Margin Trading with PAI: The Parrot Protocol goes a step further by introducing a margin trading product, known as the virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM), utilizing PAI as the common unit of account. This cutting-edge feature enables the Parrot community to collect fees and generate income, contributing to the sustainable growth of the ecosystem.

By implementing these strategic initiatives, the Parrot Protocol aims to bridge the gap between locked value and real-world accessibility. It empowers LP token holders to unlock their potential, providing them with the means to leverage their assets and participate actively in the DeFi ecosystem. Moreover, the Parrot Protocol prioritizes community engagement and prosperity by establishing a sustainable revenue stream.

In conclusion, the Parrot Protocol is poised to revolutionize the DeFi landscape on Solana by unlocking the value locked within LP tokens and providing users with new opportunities for financial growth and accessibility. With the introduction of the PAI stablecoin, the Parrot Lending market, and margin trading capabilities, the Parrot Protocol sets the stage for a future where users can fully harness the potential of their DeFi investments. Join the Parrot community today and be a part of the decentralized finance revolution.


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