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Real Volume (24H)$187.71
Fully Diluted Valuation$8,981,211
ATH Date2/15/2021, 4:12:13 PM
ATL Date12/9/2022, 4:21:57 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply300M
Popularity RankN/A
What is Overline Emblem?

Overline, as a groundbreaking protocol, has been purposefully designed to facilitate innovation by establishing connections between different blockchain technologies, ensuring liquidity, and promoting interoperability. The core concept of Overline revolves around its unique proof-of-work algorithm known as "Proof-of-Distance." This algorithm harnesses the mining hash power from its network to construct a revolutionary "blockchain of blockchains," also referred to as a multichain. This multichain seamlessly integrates the states of all interconnected blockchain networks, creating a unified and immutable ledger.

One of the challenges addressed by Overline is the prevention of disparate blockchain networks from reusing, triggering, or executing transactions on other blockchains. Typically, networks seeking collaboration or interaction rely on intermediaries or third-party platforms to bridge the gap. However, these intermediaries compromise the decentralized nature of blockchain technologies and introduce significant vulnerabilities to the industry as a whole.

By establishing connections between multiple blockchain networks and embedding connectivity within the technology itself, Overline empowers organizations and individuals to leverage the unique advantages offered by separate and isolated blockchain networks through a single platform.

Currently, Overline incorporates several prominent blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, Neo, and Lisk, into its multichain infrastructure.

In the context of Overline, being an Overline miner or running an Overline node entails the continuous observation of the states of all interconnected blockchain networks within the multichain. Miners diligently monitor these networks for relevant occurrences related to trades and transactions. Through this process, miners not only verify the current state of all child chains but also validate and incorporate new cross-chain transactions by processing them locally.

Mining Overline requires significant computational resources, as miners race against each other to produce cryptographic fingerprints that serve as proof of their observation of the latest blocks issued by connected chains. Miners who successfully accomplish this task are rewarded with Overline (OL) for their valuable contributions to the network.

The primary utility of OL lies in its use as collateral to de-risk, prioritize, and facilitate value transfers between ordered datasets. The underlying technology stack of Overline is designed to express any event in terms of Overline (OL), whether it's a trade, execution of a smart contract, or an insurance-linked instrument. In a similar vein to Gas on the Ethereum network, OL fuels the economic incentives of mining within the Overline ecosystem.

Emblems (EMB) serve as the utility coins within the Overline network. If an individual is mining Overline, attaching Emblems to their mining address significantly enhances the size of their mining reward. Miners who possess Emblems earn more Overline per block as a bonus and can generate larger blocks containing more transactions.

The utilization of EMB and OL represents the application of 'meso-economic theory' within a decentralized blockchain protocol. While EMB acts as the catalyst for upgrading network performance through mining rewards and larger blocks, OL powers all transactions within the network. Metaphorically speaking, EMB is akin to owning a gas station, while OL serves as the fuel itself. By separating these two entities, the design of the network aims to reach a technological and economic optimum through the synergistic interplay between EMB and OL.


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