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Orion Protocol


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$7,240,977.62
Fully Diluted Valuation$77,504,091
ATH Date3/22/2021, 5:45:01 PM
ATL Date7/16/2020, 5:24:05 PM
Circulating Supply34M
Total Supply100M
Popularity Rank680
What is Orion Protocol?

Orion Protocol (ORN) is a new generation decentralized finance (DeFi) platform designed to offer a one-stop-shop solution for cryptocurrency trading. It aims to aggregate liquidity from various centralized and decentralized exchanges into one platform. The platform aims to provide a seamless and secure trading experience by offering various advanced features, and claims to solve some of the biggest problems faced by crypto traders on traditional DeFi trading platforms.

Orion Protocol provides traders with the convenience of accessing multiple exchanges from one platform, and uses an internal price matching engine to match orders effectively on a peer-to-peer basis. It also offers a non-custodial platform, allowing users to retain control of their funds, and provides the freedom to transfer crypto directly to external wallets post-purchase. This reduces the risk of hacking, theft, and downtime issues faced by traditional trading platforms.

The platform is powered by its native token ORN, an Ethereum-based token hosted on the ERC20 platform. ORN can be used to pay trading fees, receive staking rewards, vote for a preferred broker, and access premium features such as margin trading. ORN token holders also receive discounts on the Orion Protocol while making transactions.

Orion Protocol was launched in 2020 by Alexey Koloskov and Kal Ali. Koloskov, the CEO, has experience in the crypto industry and is the creator of Waves DEX, while Ali, the COO, has experience in the traditional finance industry. ORN tokens are created and users are rewarded through a delegated proof-of-broker mechanism, where token holders can lend their tokens to other investors and receive rewards in the form of ORN tokens.

Orion Protocol offers a wide range of features, including Liquidity Boost Plugin, Blockchain DEX Kit, Enterprise Trade Widget, Launchpad Liquidity, and Developer Kit. These products are useful for both retail and professional high-frequency traders. The platform's goal is to provide a seamless, secure, and convenient trading experience for all its users.

The Orion Protocol has the potential to disrupt the DeFi space by offering a comprehensive and integrated platform that combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges. By aggregating liquidity from various sources and offering low trading fees, the platform provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for traders of all levels.

In addition, the platform's non-custodial nature ensures the security of user funds, while the internal price matching engine provides fast and risk-free trades. The platform also offers a suite of products for both retail and professional traders, including Liquidity Boost Plugin, Blockchain DEX Kit, Enterprise Trade Widget, Launchpad Liquidity, and Developer Kit.

The ORN token, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain, provides a number of benefits for its holders. In addition to paying trading fees and accessing premium features, ORN holders can also receive staking rewards, vote for their preferred broker, and receive discounts on the Orion Protocol.

The team behind Orion Protocol includes Alexey Koloskov and Kal Ali, who have a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency and traditional finance industries. The platform was launched in 2020 and has already made significant strides in solving some of the major pain points in DeFi trading.

As the DeFi space continues to evolve and mature, the Orion Protocol has the potential to become a leading player in the industry. With its advanced liquidity aggregator and low fees, the platform provides an innovative and accessible solution for traders and investors.


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