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Real Volume (24H)$13,945.02
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ATH Date7/12/2022, 10:57:28 AM
ATL Date1/2/2023, 6:33:39 PM
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What is ORIGYN Foundation?

In a world where authenticity and ownership are often called into question, ORIGYN, a Swiss foundation, has developed a powerful solution. By creating biometric digital certificates, ORIGYN proves the authenticity, identity, and ownership of valuable objects, while also protecting their data forever.

ORIGYN's digital certificate technology is designed to create an irrefutable link between a physical asset, such as luxury watches, jewelry, and fine art, and a customizable, counterfeit-proof digital certificate. By doing so, ORIGYN serves as a universal, global certification standard for all participants in the luxury and arts industries, increasing trust and creating new revenue streams.

Headquartered in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, ORIGYN operates as a foundation dedicated to its mission to build trust in what matters most. The foundation's approach is based on the principles of transparency, security, and accessibility.

OGY, ORIGYN's local service token, is a key part of the foundation's offering. It provides governance and staking rewards for holders who wish to join the foundation's mission. OGY is used on the ORIGYN platform to generate digital certificates of authenticity, as well as interact with the ORIGYN protocol, which will become the global authentication standard for fine art and luxury works.

One of the key benefits of ORIGYN's approach is that it provides a solution for one of the biggest challenges in the luxury and art industries: proving authenticity and ownership. For example, the luxury watch market is plagued by counterfeit products, with some estimates suggesting that up to 30% of all watches sold online are fake. By creating a digital certificate that is linked to a specific physical watch, ORIGYN provides a way to verify the authenticity of the watch, giving buyers and sellers confidence in the transaction.

Similarly, in the art world, proving the authenticity and ownership of a work is often a complex and challenging process. ORIGYN's digital certificates provide a way to simplify this process, making it easier for buyers and sellers to verify the authenticity of a work, while also ensuring that the ownership is properly documented.

ORIGYN has also established a number of strategic partnerships to help promote its mission. Partners include Bill Ackman's Table Management, Polychain Capital, Paris Hilton, Coinko, Vectr Ventures, Carter Reum, Div Turakhia, and more.

In conclusion, ORIGYN is a powerful solution for the luxury and art industries, providing a way to prove authenticity and ownership while also protecting valuable data. With its biometric digital certificates and commitment to transparency, security, and accessibility, ORIGYN is well-positioned to become the global authentication standard for fine art and luxury works.


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