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ATH Date11/22/2021, 7:05:48 PM
ATL Date10/7/2020, 3:18:59 AM
Circulating Supply120M
Total Supply130M
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What is Opacity?

In today's digital age, cloud storage has become an essential part of our lives. We store our valuable data on cloud storage providers such as Google, Dropbox, and many others. However, with the advancement of digital property, many individuals have increasingly become concerned with the safety and privacy of their data. This is where Opacity (OPCT) comes into the picture.

Opacity is a cloud storage provider that offers private cloud storage to individuals, small businesses, and enterprises via its Opacity token, OPCT. The platform aims to protect people's fundamental rights to privacy and keep their confidential data secure. Unlike other cloud storage providers that store users' information, Opacity allows people to store private information, such as intellectual property, company secrets, legal documents, personal photographs, family moments, etc., ensuring that confidential data remains personal.

One significant difference between Opacity and other cloud storage providers is that it does not store any information of its users. Instead, it lets people store private information with their private key. This private key is held by the files' owner, not Opacity, giving ownership of the data in the hands of the person who creates and saves the files. Opacity does not have any access to those files, ensuring that confidential data remains personal.

The Opacity token (OPCT) can be purchased on a cryptocurrency exchange and later used to purchase private data storage plans. This token is used to ensure secure and efficient transactions on the Opacity platform. It provides users with access to the platform's features, including storage, sharing, and retrieval of data.

The Opacity Galaxy is a decentralized storage solution operated on Distributed Hash Table (DHT) technology. The platform incorporates the entire ecosystem of groups and individual systems that offer a fully decentralized file storage platform when conjoined. The Kademlia framework for distributed storage is used to provide users with different types of security options, depending on how they want their information to be stored. This makes the platform more accessible to newcomers in the cryptocurrency industry, as the onboarding process is much simpler than other blockchain-based storage technologies, such as Sia, Storj, IPFS, and Swarm.

Jason Coppola is the CEO of the Opacity network. He has over twenty years of experience in software product development, product engineering, and executive leadership. The Opacity network has achieved several milestones since its inception. In December 2018, the network had an Airdrop of Opacity tokens, and later in June 2019, it launched Opacity 1.0. The network released Opacity 1.5 in December 2019, and in June 2020, the platform completed research of decentralized nodes.

In the first quarter of 2021, the Opacity network completed a decentralized node plan and successfully released Opacity 2.0. This version provided users with improved functionality and an enhanced user experience. In Quarter 2 of 2021, the platform launched a mobile application, making it easier for users to access their data on-the-go. In Quarter 3, the Opacity network launched Galaxy Alpha (Storage Nodes only), which allowed users to store their data in a decentralized manner. Later, in Quarter 1 of 2022, the platform launched Galaxy Alpha (Guardian Nodes introduced), which provided users with an enhanced level of security and data protection.

Opacity (OPCT) is a privacy-focused cloud storage provider that offers individuals, small businesses, and enterprises a platform to store their confidential data securely. The platform ensures that confidential data remains personal, as it does not store any information of its users. Instead, it allows people to store private information with their private key.


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