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Real Volume (24H)$338,433.51
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date9/3/2020, 5:40:58 PM
ATL Date12/24/2022, 6:31:36 AM
Circulating Supply18M
Total Supply100M
Popularity Rank2318
What is OIN Finance?

OIN Finance is an innovative organization that has created a decentralized stablecoin issuance platform called OINDAO. The main goal of the platform is to provide DeFi infrastructure and functionalities for crypto projects of any size to issue their own branded stablecoins, which are collateralized by their own tokens. While the platform is currently built on Ethereum, the team aims to gradually expand to other ecosystems in the future. Ultimately, OINDAO aims to build a multi-chain stablecoin universe, according to the whitepaper, by embracing cross-chain governance architecture.

One of the main advantages of OINDAO is better liquidity, as users can redeem their stablecoins for the underlying token instantly. The platform also provides a censorship-resistant environment because everything is done on-chain through a smart contract, which gives it all the benefits of a decentralized blockchain. Additionally, users can leverage their coins to mint stablecoins through OINDAO, making them volatility-resistant. OINDAO seeks to provide multiple methods of governance and aims to offer 100% noncustodial staking and collateralization.

OINDAO accepts the native tokens of its partnered public blockchain projects, called Constellation Partners, as collateral. These blockchain projects collaborate to create their own branded stablecoins utilizing OINDAO. However, users must maintain a minimum collateralization ratio (MCR) to avoid triggering a liquidation event. The C-Ratio is the mathematical link between the value of the user's collateralized assets and the value of the borrowed stablecoins. The MCR in OINDAO can be set at different levels, depending on the volatility of its Constellation Partners' native coins.

The native token of OINDAO is called OIN, which serves as a governance token for the various stablecoins. OIN token holders have the right to govern projects that issue stablecoins on the OINDAO platform, primarily reflected in community voting. This can opt to deploy multiple stablecoin versions and adjust the platform's parameters, such as the minimum collateralization ratio, yield rate, token distribution, and treasury fund distribution.

OIN Finance launched the OINDAO project in August 2020, and the total supply of OIN tokens is 100 million. OINDAO's ultimate goal is to provide a multi-chain stablecoin universe by creating a decentralized stablecoin issuance platform that can be used by crypto projects of all sizes, while also offering various advantages such as better liquidity, censorship resistance, volatility resistance, and multi-chain governance.


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