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Oduwa Coin


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$11,649.37
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date1/12/2019, 12:29:34 AM
ATL Date2/23/2021, 8:37:25 PM
Circulating Supply15M
Total Supply21M
Popularity Rank1215
What is Oduwa Coin?

OduwaCoin (OWC) is a unique cryptocurrency created to empower the people of African descent. The platform leverages its native blockchain to secure transaction records, control the creation of additional coins, and verify the transfer of coin ownership, aiming to perform scalable, secure, and decentralized transactions.

The cryptocurrency is designed to create an effective digital system for the indigenous African community, transforming the way they interact with each other and the world. According to the OduwaCoin whitepaper, the coin is a method of exchange, and personal coin ownership data are stored in a decentralized archive with the help of cryptography. Oduwacoin is dedicated to a selfless, fearless democracy, trust economy, fairness, love, and equality for all humanity.

One of the unique features of OduwaCoin is its use of a pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol. The platform aims to launch the PoS Protocol IVIE that directly connects with people, especially those related to the indigenous community. Oduwacoin aims to prove the economic value, energy efficiency, and security of the PoS concept over time by connecting with real people and having real apps in the future of the crypto world.

OduwaCoin offers its users quick transactions at lower costs through its native token, OWC. The token is a governance token and allows users to make donations and payments accepting crypto in their regular lives, such as eCommerce stores, etc.

The network operators and entrepreneurs of OduwaCoin are also planning to create an app ecosystem within the platform that features self-governance, philanthropy, grants, education, art exhibition (NFT bridge), marketplace, and more.

The founder of OduwaCoin, Bright Enabulele, established a maximum supply of 21 million OWC tokens. The platform aims to provide an effective digital system for the indigenous African community, enabling them to interact with the world more efficiently and securely.

In conclusion, OduwaCoin is an indigenous crypto asset that aims to empower the people of African descent. The platform's unique features, such as the use of a pure PoS protocol, its governance token OWC, and its app ecosystem, make it a promising platform for the future of the crypto world.


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