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Real Volume (24H)$1,411,960.85
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date3/24/2022, 7:59:34 PM
ATL Date4/4/2022, 8:40:37 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply11B
Popularity Rank1500
What is NvirWorld?

NvirWorld (NVIR) is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to provide users with a unique digital experience. This ecosystem is built around the idea of play-to-earn, where users can actively participate in the development and growth of the digital world. By contributing to the ecosystem, users can earn profits and fulfill their dreams.

The NvirWorld ecosystem is built on blockchain technology and the metaverse, which allows users to immerse themselves in a lively digital environment. The ecosystem is centered around the Nvir token, which is an ERC-20 standard utility token that provides governance functions and allows users to stake and earn stable tokens on synthetic assets. The token can also be used for payments within the ecosystem.

One of the core components of NvirWorld is the Nvir Market, an NFT marketplace that charges a low basic service fee and allows users to accumulate more profits as they become more active in the market. Another important component is NvirWorld X-CLUB or LATERX, a play-to-earn service that provides special advantages to its limited members, along with various global services. LATERX members also have access to N-ground, a VR virtual space where they can display their NFT works.

The NvirWorld project was founded by Lee Jinsook, Loo Kim, and Benjamin J in 2020, and the online platform and development began in 2021. The maximum supply of the Nvir token is 10,700,000,000. The team aims to create a unique "New Normal: Digital Life" for its users and is constantly working to improve and expand the ecosystem.

NvirWorld (NVIR) is a revolutionary new decentralized ecosystem that aims to create an ideal digital environment for its users. The ecosystem is designed to be user-centric, with the goal of distributing profits fairly among those who contribute to the development of the ecosystem in order to help them achieve their dreams. The ecosystem is built on blockchain technology and the metaverse, preparing its users for an immersive digital experience.

One of the core revenue models of NvirWorld is the Nvir Market, an NFT marketplace that is fast and easy to use, with a low basic service fee. The more active users are in the market, the more profit they accumulate. The Nvir token is the central component of the NvirWorld revenue structure, built according to ERC-20 standards. The token has governance functions and can be staked to earn stable tokens on synthetic assets, as well as being used for payments within the ecosystem.

Another key component of NvirWorld is NvirWorld X-CLUB (LATERX), a play-to-earn service that enables users to dominate and explore the digital world. However, the number of members in NWX is limited, providing special advantages and various global services to its members. Along with the LATERX service, NvirWorld also introduces N-ground, where LATERX members can display their NFT works in VR virtual space.

NvirWorld was founded by CEO Lee Jinsook, and co-founders Loo Kim and Benjamin J. The project planning for NvirWorld began in Q4 2020, with online platform planning and development starting in Q1 2021. The maximum supply of the Nvir token is 10,700,000,000. With its unique revenue models and user-centric approach, NvirWorld is poised to create a new normal in digital life for its users.


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