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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$4,132,021
ATH Date5/1/2022, 5:59:57 PM
ATL Date1/5/2023, 10:29:37 AM
Circulating Supply8561T
Total Supply9930T
Popularity Rank13819
What is NUDES?

Meme2Earn is the revolutionary platform that allows users to create and share their own memes and earn NUDES tokens whenever someone upvotes them. But Meme2Earn is more than just a platform for meme creation and sharing. It has also evolved into Consume2Earn and Market2Earn in its newest version, making it a one-stop-shop for those who want to earn NUDES tokens while engaging in different activities on the platform.

Meme2Earn is for everyone who loves creating and sharing memes. Whether you're a professional meme-maker or just a casual creator, Meme2Earn is the platform for you. In particular, Meme2Earn is for:

  • People who want to create and share memes and earn NUDES tokens for their creations.
  • People who want to discover and enjoy awesome memes, vote on them, and comment on them while supporting the creators and earning NUDES tokens in the process.
  • Projects and companies who want to advertise their projects on the platform.

Commenting on memes is an essential part of the Meme2Earn platform, as it allows users to engage with the creators and other users. However, commenting on memes will require a fixed fee that goes towards upvotes on the meme. This means that if you try to be foolish with your comments, you will at least need to pay for it. Additionally, comments can also receive NUDES upvotes and downvotes, and they will have the same mechanics as voting on a meme.

The Meme2Earn platform is built to support multiple tokens in the future, making it more versatile and accessible to users who prefer different tokens.

The Unclaimed Rewards section of the platform gathers all rewards from your platform usage and tasks, ensuring that you don't miss out on any rewards that you may have earned.

The Top Creators section of the platform shows the top five creators with the most upvotes at any given time, providing recognition to the most talented and creative meme-makers on the platform.

The Consume-To-Earn feature of the Meme2Earn platform is an exciting way to earn even more NUDES tokens by completing a daily set of tasks. This feature allows users to earn free NUDES tokens, as advertisers pay them for consuming, they pay the creators by upvoting their memes, and the creators make content that the users enjoy.

The Meme2Earn platform also offers NFT multipliers on everything. For instance, if you have a Nudes Army OG NFT, you will receive more NUDES as upvotes and more NUDES for engaging with the platform. You will also get fee discounts, and NFT benefits are stackable, making the platform more rewarding for users who have NFTs.

The Meme2Earn platform allows users to deposit and withdraw NUDES from a hot wallet linked to Twitter to their personal Neo N3 wallet. This means that users don't need a crypto wallet to get started on the platform.

The Meme2Earn platform will soon include advertisement spots for companies and projects. Projects that wish to advertise must pay in NUDES, adding buying pressure to NUDES tokens. Companies and projects who want an ad spot must mint an NFT and pay the price. The NUDES spent on this NFT will be distributed as follows:

  • 50% will go to consumers.
  • 25% will be burned.
  • 20% will go to the single-stake fund.
  • 5% will go to Nudes Army OG NFT holders.

This unique approach to advertising on the Meme2Earn platform helps create a sustainable ecosystem where everyone benefits. In addition to advertising, projects and companies can also hire the Nudes Army to create memes for their project. These memes, as well as meme contests, act as forms of marketing for the companies and projects. To participate, projects need to send their users/community to sign up on the Nudes Army platform with Twitter and use a referral code. Once registered, the project can buy NUDES from the market, and when the contest starts, NUDES are airdropped to all registered participants with the promo code so they can vote for their favorite memes. The entire process is facilitated using hot wallets, so anyone with a Twitter account can participate.


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