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Real Volume (24H)$3,770,000.98
Fully Diluted Valuation$81,419,157
ATH Date4/10/2021, 12:54:46 AM
ATL Date3/13/2020, 5:22:29 AM
Circulating Supply650M
Total Supply1B
WhitepaperNKN whitepaper
Popularity Rank544
What is NKN?

NKN, short for New Kind of Network, is an open-source protocol that aims to revolutionize the way public blockchain-based peer-to-peer networks share network bandwidth and Internet connectivity. The project was launched in January 2018, and boasts a team of experienced advisors including Stephen Wolfram, the creator of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, and Whitfield Diffie, the inventor of public-key cryptography. The NKN Mainnet was launched in July 2019, and currently has a network of up to 25,000 full consensus nodes, which is more than both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

One of the key use cases for NKN is its content delivery system, which has already been implemented in a contract with Chinese video giant iQIYI. Additionally, NKN's technology is also being used for edge computing, with a contract in place with China Mobile. The platform also has a secure messaging app called D-chat, and a secure remote terminal access tool called nShell.

NKN's consensus algorithm is based on Cellular Automata, A New Kind of Science, and the Ising Model. This algorithm is designed to scale to an arbitrary number of equal consensus nodes, and uses a simple local majority rule to achieve system-level convergence in a small number of iterations.

NKN utilizes a global addressing scheme based on public keys, which enables direct peer-to-peer communication without the need for centralized servers. The routing of packets is based on the Chord Distributed Hash Table (DHT), which maps each NKN address to a random and verifiable position on the Chord DHT ring. This ensures that the network is highly secure and decentralized, making it a powerful and reliable platform for a wide range of applications.

In conclusion, NKN is an open-source protocol that aims to improve the way public blockchain-based peer-to-peer networks share network bandwidth and Internet connectivity. With its innovative consensus algorithm, secure and decentralized network structure, and real-world use cases in a variety of industries, NKN is poised to become a major player in the blockchain space. The platform's team of experienced advisors and growing network of full consensus nodes are a testament to its potential for success.

Another key feature of NKN is its Token Economy model, which uses NKN tokens (NKN) to incentivize network participation and growth. NKN tokens are used to pay for network resources such as bandwidth and storage, and can also be used to participate in network governance.

The NKN token is also used to reward network participants for providing valuable services to the network, such as operating a full consensus node or providing bandwidth. Through this token economy model, NKN aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem where network participants are incentivized to contribute to the growth and development of the network.

NKN is also focused on building a decentralized, community-driven network. The project has a strong community of developers, supporters and users that are actively working to build and improve the network. The NKN Foundation, which is responsible for the development and maintenance of the network, also encourages community members to submit proposals for network upgrades, and actively involves the community in the decision-making process.

NKN's technology has the potential to change the way the internet works. It aims to build a decentralized and open network that is more secure, reliable, and efficient than traditional centralized networks. NKN's focus on community-driven development and real-world use cases make it a promising and innovative project in the blockchain space. With its growing network of full consensus nodes, NKN is well-positioned to become a major player in the decentralized internet space.


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