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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$28,176
ATH Date11/15/2021, 5:06:11 AM
ATL Date6/18/2022, 11:56:39 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply920T
Popularity Rank13644
What is NFTFundArt?

NFT Fund Art (NFA) is a platform dedicated to fostering the growth of young artists who are limited by resources. NFA aims to provide artists with a platform to showcase their digital art, including paintings, music, and other artifacts, in virtual museums and reach real-time art collectors. The platform funds the top five artists each month through NFA tokens.

The platform leverages tokenization to convert art pieces into unique, secure NFTs that are recorded on the blockchain. This helps to protect copyrights and provides a safe and reliable way for artists to store their digital art. Artists can create their own digital galleries on the platform, giving them the ability to reach a wider audience.

NFT Fund Art's user interface is dynamic and its API is versatile, allowing for seamless transactions across platforms on the blockchain network. To purchase art on the platform, users must first acquire NFA tokens in their crypto wallets. NFA tokens provide users with preferential entry for buying NFTs and access to complimentary NFTs for those with a large number of tokens. They can also be used to vote on main platform decisions, and if an artist puts an asset up for sale, token holders have the option to purchase it in physical form.

NFA is the native token of the platform and is used as a governance token as well as for buying NFTs. The token's versatility and use cases make it a valuable asset for artists and collectors alike, and the platform's goal of supporting and funding artists helps to bring more creativity and beauty into the world.

NFT Fund Art is dedicated to providing a thriving environment for artists to showcase their talents and for collectors to appreciate their work. The platform is designed to support the growth of young artists who may struggle with the lack of resources, funding and exposure to the right audience. NFT Fund Art provides these artists with the opportunity to showcase their digital art in the form of NFTs. By converting their artwork into unique tokens, the platform ensures that the copyrights of each composition are marked, stored and recorded on the blockchain, providing artists with the protection they need.

In addition, the platform offers a dynamic user interface and a versatile API that allows transactions to be integrated across platforms on the blockchain network, enhancing the collecting experience for buyers. To acquire NFTs on the platform, users first need to get NFA tokens in their crypto wallets, which acts as the native token for NFT Fund Art.

Having NFA tokens not only grants users the ability to acquire NFTs, but also offers other benefits such as preferential entry for buying NFTs, access to physical assets, and the ability to vote on key platform decisions as a governance token. Furthermore, token holders with a large number of NFA tokens will have access to complimentary NFTs.

NFT Fund Art is committed to providing a platform that supports young artists, helps them showcase their work to a global audience, and provides the right funding and resources to help them grow. The platform is a perfect solution for artists and collectors alike, with a wide range of features designed to meet their needs. With NFT Fund Art, artists and collectors can be sure of a secure, user-friendly and innovative platform that supports the art community.


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