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Real Volume (24H)$28,344.21
Fully Diluted Valuation$29,124,186
ATH Date2/19/2022, 11:42:52 PM
ATL Date11/10/2022, 2:54:50 AM
Circulating Supply549M
Total Supply651M
Popularity Rank1049
What is NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds (WRLD) is a community-driven, decentralized gaming platform that enables world owners to build limitless metaverse games or experiences for users within their worlds. Launched in December 2021, the platform is based on Minecraft, a game that includes a crafting mechanism, player cooperation, and team play, making it suitable for blockchain. The Minecraft community supports NFT Worlds in developing new forms of decentralized gaming metaverses powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The NFT Worlds whitepaper states that world owners and individual communities aim to constantly expand and develop each of the ten thousand unique NFT Worlds. NFT Worlds intends to grow into a vast and massively multiplayer environment with numerous interconnected worlds. Each planet has in-game portals with various worlds, and users can switch between their favorite worlds quickly. The platform sees a future where each planet seeks to have its gameplay mechanics, experiences, play-to-earn tournaments, community hangouts, and more. Additionally, NFT Worlds aims to solve the challenges of creating massively multiplayer metaverse worlds and games, integrating blockchain-based transaction layers, authenticating player NFT ownership for content access, and much more.

The WRLD token is NFT Worlds' in-game currency deployed on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks. The WRLD token is a utility token that users can utilize when playing in NFT Worlds. Within NFT Worlds, players can use WRLD tokens to gain access to exclusive experiences, items, perks, content, and more. These tokens are given to the owner of a world where a player is playing in exchange for the specific experience. Additionally, NFT Worlds aims to implement mechanisms for players to earn WRLD tokens by playing games globally. World owners may encourage players to visit their worlds by hosting competitions, free-to-play games, and other activities that award players with WRLD tokens.

Moreover, staking of NFT Worlds allows world owners to lock up supply and earn WRLD tokens while also benefiting the NFT Worlds ecosystem as a whole.

NFT Worlds was founded by ArkDev and Temptranquil, and the WRLD token was released in December 2021. The maximum supply of WRLD tokens is five billion.

NFT Worlds aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by enabling players to create and explore limitless metaverse games and experiences. The platform seeks to empower world owners and players with its decentralized, community-driven approach and its WRLD token, which can be used to access exclusive experiences and content within NFT Worlds. With its focus on blockchain-based transaction layers and authenticating player NFT ownership for content access, NFT Worlds aims to solve the challenges of creating massively multiplayer metaverse worlds and games.


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