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Real Volume (24H)$1,885.85
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date7/28/2021, 5:52:34 AM
ATL Date12/18/2021, 1:39:53 AM
Circulating Supply1.4M
Total Supply20M
Popularity Rank4174
What is NFT Stars?

NFT Stars (NFTS) is a cutting-edge digital-art marketplace based on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform is designed to facilitate the NFT (non-fungible token) market ecosystem by providing technological and promotional solutions to make it more accessible to artists and art collectors. The main goal of the project is to encourage artists worldwide to showcase their unique, artistic creations in the NFT and digital-art markets. In simple words, NFT Stars (NFTS) is an NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain network for artists and art collectors.

The core features of NFT Stars are outlined in their whitepaper and include:

  1. Multichain solution: NFT Stars offers a cross-chain function that makes it easy for users to switch between blockchains.
  2. Careful selection: After a rigorous screening process by the executive board, artists undergo careful selection to get featured in the auctions.
  3. Collaborative NFT creation: The platform enables collaborative projects between artists as joint NFT ownership, where a group of artists can create NFTs.
  4. Augmented reality (AR) gallery: NFT Stars allows artists to create their personalized 3D gallery powered by AR technology that users on a smartphone can view.
  5. White label solution: The project provides a white label solution in a customized front-end platform for unique brands and those who want to launch their marketplace, thereby seeking to prevent high costs, effort, and time.
  6. NFT pricing scanner: NFT pricing scanner analyzes works in other marketplaces and provides artists with a price guide, thereby solving the problem of finding an average market price for their artwork.
  7. Fractional trading: Users priced out of the market can participate in fractional NFT trading by buying little pieces of NFTs.
  8. Initial NFT offering: This is a new launchpad for creative start-ups that allow users to farm project tokens.
  9. Premium accounts: An exclusive premium package is there for artists' promotion through ads, social media, interviews, and many other activities.
  10. NFT Quest: It is a side product of NFT Stars that contains riddles, which enables users to learn about NFTs in a fun way and is a great marketing activity.
  11. Governance: NFTS holders as members of the platform's governance system can vote on updates and changes to the platform and also be allowed to select artists and drops.
  12. Audit: Certik (audit firm) confirmed that the NFT STARS smart contract functions correctly and without any risk.

NFTS is the native token of the NFT Stars project and allows users to manage the platform and serves many utility functions. With the NFTS token, art collectors are eligible for NFT discounts, platform liquidity mining, and other extras. Users need a crypto wallet to create an account on the NFT Stars platform.

NFTS holders can acquire works of art with their tokens and participate in platform governance by voting. Active participants are rewarded with tokens and included in the artist selection process. By staking, users can earn more rewards and even stake their NFTS tokens to receive allocations from upcoming projects.

The user needs to pay a commission of 2% or 8% (depending on the account), then burned, reducing the total volume of tokens. Moreover, there is no gas fee for the artists when NFTs are minted in the smart contracts while trading the NFTs. Minting means the process of creating a new cryptocurrency through writing off smart contracts or by validating new blocks into the chain.


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