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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
Circulating Supply87M
Total Supply100M
Popularity Rank13584
What is Newdex Token?

The Newdex platform's Ecological Token is a unique digital currency that was created based on the EOS main net, and has the potential to be applied in various scenarios on Newdex. This token has a limited supply of 10 billion, which means that it will never be issued again, making it a valuable asset for those who hold it.

One of the primary features of the Newdex platform's Ecological Token is the repurchase and destruction program. This feature involves the Newdex team buying back a certain amount of NDX tokens from the market and then permanently removing them from circulation. This helps to decrease the supply of NDX, which can lead to an increase in its value over time.

Another benefit of holding NDX tokens is the staking concessions. This feature allows users to stake their NDX tokens and earn rewards for doing so. The rewards are typically in the form of additional NDX tokens, which can be used for further staking or sold on the market for profit.

In addition to the repurchase and destruction and staking concessions, the Newdex platform's Ecological Token also offers a Token airdrop program. This program involves the distribution of free NDX tokens to eligible users, which can be a great way to introduce new users to the benefits of holding NDX.

Furthermore, NDX tokens can be used for advertising bidding on the Newdex platform. This feature allows advertisers to bid on advertising space using NDX tokens, which can be an effective way to promote products or services to the Newdex community.

Finally, one of the most exciting features of the Newdex platform's Ecological Token is the ability to list new tokens independently. This feature allows project teams to list their tokens on the Newdex platform without having to go through a lengthy and complicated listing process. This can save time and money for project teams, while also providing additional value to NDX holders.

Overall, the Newdex platform's Ecological Token is a valuable asset that offers a range of benefits to its holders. With its limited supply, repurchase and destruction program, staking concessions, Token airdrop program, advertising bidding, and independent listing feature, NDX is a digital currency with great potential for growth and development.


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