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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$125,564
ATH Date3/26/2022, 11:38:44 PM
ATL Date2/15/2023, 5:39:58 AM
Circulating Supply15M
Total Supply26M
Popularity Rank4440
What is Nerian Network?

Are you tired of giving away your personal data to companies that profit from it without your consent? Do you want to take ownership of your data and monetize it on your own terms? Look no further than the Nerian Network.

The Nerian Network is a secure platform where data providers and data users can store and share data privately and securely. Data providers take ownership of their data and have the option to monetize it by providing intentional and specific data sets to businesses. This allows businesses to optimize their advertisements based on consumer intentions rather than competing for their attention.

At the core of the Nerian Network is the Data Vault, a one-stop-shop for monitoring personal data across the web. Data providers can handle their personal data in their private and secure Data Vaults and have the option to delete or monetize their data to specific data users.

Data users can request specific data sets from data providers, allowing them to create accurate advertisements for potential consumers while respecting the data's sovereignty and integrity.

Integrating the Nerian Network into your business is easy. Add the data processing layer to your application and provide your users with the peer-to-peer Data Processing Framework. This enables ethical data privacy, security, and monetization, creating an ethical business model for your company.

The Nerian Network is deployed on an autonomous cloud infrastructure and technology provided by Genesis Nodes. By providing cloud capacity, users can earn NERIAN tokens. The Proof of Data Capacity and the Proof of Data Utility protocols create a holistic token ecosystem for data retrieval tools.

By providing data to the Nerian Grid and increasing the Data Capacity of the Nerian Grid, NRN tokens are minted. The minting process is done through the Proof of Data Capacity algorithm, which verifies and validates the data provided to the Nerian Grid.

Users can use datasets made available by providers to the Nerian Grid with NRN tokens, which can be obtained from the market. The Proof of Data Utility algorithm is implemented to verify and validate the use of data within the Nerian Grid. The datasets that are open for utilization will be monetized according to market valuations.

In the Nerian Blockchain, the probability of creating a new block is not proportional to the number of tokens purchased and staked by a validator. Instead, the selection process depends on the virtual stake of a validator. A validator’s virtual stake is generated through the Proof of Data Capacity and Proof of Data Utility algorithms and is directly related to the Data Capacity and Data Utility on the Nerian Grid.

By implementing the concept of virtual stake algorithms in the Nerian Blockchain, manipulation through pure token stake is eliminated, and the chance for a 51% attack is reduced. A validator who wants to perform a malicious action will have to provide more than half of the Data Capacity as well as acquire more than half of the Data Utility on the Nerian Grid, which will be very difficult to achieve.

In conclusion, the Nerian Network provides a secure and private platform for data storage and sharing, allowing data providers to take ownership of their data and monetize it on their own terms. Data users can request specific data sets, allowing them to create accurate advertisements for potential consumers while respecting their privacy. By integrating the Nerian Network into your business, you can create an ethical business model while providing your users with the benefits of secure and private data processing.


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