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Nemesis DAO


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$11,159.42
Fully Diluted Valuation$3,856,523
ATH Date12/7/2021, 6:48:29 PM
ATL Date8/22/2022, 1:39:05 AM
Circulating Supply28K
Total Supply509K
Popularity Rank13517
What is Nemesis DAO?

Nemesis DAO (NMS) is a decentralized reserve currency protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform aims to create a policy-controlled currency system where the behavior of the NMS token is controlled at a high level by the DAO, serving the majority. The native token of the Nemesis DAO is the NMS token, and each token is backed by real assets like BUSD and Liquidity Provider tokens. The platform offers two different assets, BUSD (USD-denominated stablecoin) and NMS-BUSD, which can be used to mint NMS tokens.

Stablecoins have become an essential part of the crypto market due to their lack of volatility compared to Bitcoin and Ether. Nemesis DAO stands out by addressing the shortcomings of stablecoins and creating a standard reserve currency, NMS, by focusing on supply growth rather than price appreciation. According to NemesisDAO, NMS can hold its trading power regardless of market volatility and can be used as a currency.

Nemesis DAO offers its community members various rewards for staking and minting. Staking is the primary value accrual strategy, allowing users to passively gain NMS via auto-compounding. Stakers receive NMS (staked NMS) in a 1:1 ratio. On the other hand, minting is the secondary value accrual strategy, where users can mint NMS from the protocol at a discount by trading with liquidity (LP tokens) or other assets. Users trade their assets to mint NMS tokens from the protocol.

The Nemesis DAO aims to build a robust and decentralized reserve currency system that would serve the majority. The platform offers a unique approach to stablecoins, which allows it to hold its trading power despite market volatility. The staking and minting mechanisms provide community members with various ways to earn NMS tokens. With its innovative features, Nemesis DAO has the potential to become a prominent player in the DeFi space. As the platform grows, the community expects to see more exciting developments and use cases for the NMS token.


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