Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$13,297.8
Fully Diluted Valuation$9,336,766
ATH Date1/5/2022, 5:09:08 PM
ATL Date10/12/2022, 12:42:58 PM
Circulating Supply8.5B
Total Supply10B
Popularity Rank1739
What is Neighbourhoods?

In the traditional web, centralized platforms control our interactions, content discovery, and personal branding. On the other hand, the early-stage distributed web lacks user-friendly features, making it hard to navigate.

To bridge this gap, Neighbourhoods introduces a social organizing principle for the distributed web. Neighbourhoods offers an interoperable marketplace of generic tools paired with tailored culture design that matches your community's needs. This allows users to establish entry and exit rules, regulate engagement, and choose which other communities they want to share data with.

With Neighbourhoods, individuals can navigate the distributed web more seamlessly, carrying peer-validated data with them. Meanwhile, groups can organically expand without the constraints and profit motives of platform owners.

Neighbourhoods Token (NHT) serves as the entry and exit point into the low-code marketplace that empowers communities to build their micro-networks. By leveraging NHT, users can enjoy the benefits of a distributed web designed for people, not platforms.

Neighbourhoods also prioritizes user privacy and security, enabling users to share information in a trusted and decentralized environment. The platform fosters a community-driven approach, where participants can create and curate content that aligns with their interests and values.

In conclusion, Neighbourhoods is a promising solution for bridging the gap between centralized and distributed web platforms. Its social organizing principle and interoperable marketplace of generic tools, tailored to match the needs of different communities, enable individuals and groups to navigate the distributed web more seamlessly while prioritizing user privacy and security. By leveraging the Neighbourhoods Token, users can benefit from a community-driven approach to content creation and curation, while organically expanding their micro-networks without the constraints and profit motives of platform owners. Neighbourhoods represents a significant step forward in building a distributed web designed for people, not platforms.


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