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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date7/26/2021, 9:09:24 PM
ATL Date3/25/2020, 6:49:47 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply30M
Popularity Rank13496
What is Ndau?

ndau (NDAU) is an innovative digital currency that aims to be the world's first adaptive currency and a long-term store of value with staking income. It is designed to address volatility while having the ability to rise in price with increasing demand. According to the platform whitepaper, ndau is the native currency of the ndau blockchain, falling under the category of stablecoins. Stablecoins refer to digital currencies whose price is fixed to a government-authorized currency. ndau seeks to maintain its value over time by increasing in an organized manner, using a method called buoyancy, which incentivizes users to hold ndau tokens for a long-term basis.

To achieve its goal of buoyancy, the ndau ecosystem has integrated unique mechanisms designed to behave according to real-time supply and demand environments. The ecosystem seeks to consist of three primary elements that make it unique: the ndau token, ndau staking, and the ndau wallet.

The ndau token provides users with governance rights, stability, and dependability. Buoyancy allows ndau to rise while mitigating downside volatility. The governance of the ndau ecosystem is handled by the ndau token holders, who seek to help elect delegates for functioning the Blockchain Policy Council (BPC). The BPC is designed to oversee ndau's operating policies and monetary policies.

Users can hold ndau in an ndau wallet for a specific period to earn added incentives and bonuses. The ndau wallet app is designed to provide a secure and easy way for managing ndau tokens, allowing users to create unique addresses to use with ndau digital currency for safe transactions.

The Axiom Foundation, an Isle of Man entity, created ndau. It was developed by an anonymous group of Bitcoin enthusiasts and professionals with expertise in economics, monetary policies, cryptography, and computer science. The ndau Collective is a self-governing ecosystem that seeks to revolutionize the digital currency industry.

The ndau ecosystem is unique in its aim to address volatility while providing a long-term store of value with staking income. The ndau token is designed to be stable, dependable, and offer governance rights to users. ndau staking offers added incentives and bonuses for holding ndau tokens, and the ndau wallet provides a secure and easy way to manage ndau tokens. With the ndau Collective's self-governing ecosystem, the governance of the ndau ecosystem is in the hands of ndau token holders, who help elect delegates for functioning the BPC, ensuring the ecosystem's operating and monetary policies are overseen.


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