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Real Volume (24H)$17,293.67
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
Circulating Supply3M
Total Supply100M
Popularity Rank3080
What is NASDEX Token?

NASDEX (NSDX) is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade Asian stocks on-chain. It aims to simplify the trading process for users who no longer have to maintain multiple centralized trading accounts to trade equities across different markets. By simply connecting their wallets, users can manage all their positions, including equity and crypto, across a single platform.

One of the key features of NASDEX is the tokenization of stocks using collateralized debt positions, which is an industry standard and battle-tested approach that provides flexibility and security for users who decide to be a minter or trader. This feature empowers the community to create as many tokenized stocks as they wish.

In addition to providing economic exposure to their favorite stocks on-chain, NASDEX offers the latest DeFi mechanics to create additional yield-enhancing opportunities for users. The platform allows users to participate in yield farming, liquidity providing, and trading fee rebates, which can significantly enhance their earnings on top of their stock exposure.

The main utility of NSDX is to enable users to share in the profit of the DEX. Once the exchange is up and running, the community can share in the upside by holding NSDX tokens. NSDX holders will be able to share in the revenues of NASDEX through buy-and-distribute, buy-and-burn, or direct profit share mechanisms. The actual mechanics will be voted and adjusted through the DAO by the community.

NSDX also serves as collateral in the minting of tokenized stocks. Moreover, there are additional governance features, such as the ability to vote on new stocks to list on the exchange.

NASDEX is targeting a massive market with a total combined market cap of over USD100 trillion and a target audience of several hundred million people. NASDEX is designed to bring the entire global equity market to crypto investors, which means that the target market is basically every single listed stock in the world. Through DeFi, which is permissionless and borderless, no market is out of bounds for NASDEX. The entire crypto market is only around USD1.5 trillion, which is why targeting the global equity market allows NASDEX to target a market that’s 100x the size of a typical DeFi DEX.

In terms of audience, NASDEX welcomes a larger user base that is already familiar with equities. For example, it offers a much better platform for equity owners in countries with unstable currencies, such as Nigeria, or countries with strict capital control, such as Vietnam. Even in major developed countries like the US or China, where there is high crypto adoption, the majority of investors still own stocks. This means that NASDEX can offer equity owners a much better platform to invest in tokenized equity.

NASDEX was founded by Josh Du and Belinda. Josh has more than 15 years of investment experience as an institutional portfolio manager. He managed funds and teams of over USD 1 billion AUM and is knowledgeable in all asset classes, including equity, credit, and cryptos. He worked for top financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank. Belinda is a crypto PR and marketing expert with four years of experience in blockchain and a stellar client portfolio. She is skilled in community building and creating project awareness.

In conclusion, NASDEX offers a unique opportunity for investors to access the global equity market in a decentralized and secure manner. With its tokenization of stocks, NASDEX is set to attract a larger user base who are already familiar with equities, offering them a better platform to invest in tokenized equity. The potential benefits of using NASDEX extend beyond economic exposure to favorite stocks, as users can participate in yield farming, liquidity providing, and trading fee rebates, all of which enhance their earnings. As NASDEX continues to gain momentum and increase its market share, it will undoubtedly become a significant player in the DeFi space, revolutionizing the way we invest in equities.


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