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Nasa Doge


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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$71,571
ATH Date10/31/2021, 7:54:16 AM
ATL Date6/18/2022, 11:35:01 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1T
Popularity Rank13474
What is Nasa Doge?

Nasa Doge is a cutting-edge crypto-asset that's changing the game for environmentally conscious investors and crypto enthusiasts alike. Based on the Binance Smart Chain, Nasa Doge is designed to convert digital investments into tangible assets, partnerships, and unique projects that reward holders and investors. One of the key components of Nasa Doge's eco-friendly strategy is its focus on Paulownia trees. These special trees are known for their ability to absorb high amounts of carbon dioxide and release high-quality oxygen, making them a valuable resource for a sustainable future.

Nasa Doge's goal is to plant 100,000 of these trees on its acquired land, which will be managed by a dedicated team to ensure high quality. But it's not just the environment that benefits from Nasa Doge. The platform is also expanding into the sports industry, sponsoring two amateur football clubs in Turkey: Manisa Sanayispor and Memenspor. With its focus on creating a well-known name in the industry, Nasa Doge has plans to partner with similar clubs and teams in the future.

In addition to its eco-friendly initiatives, Nasa Doge is also launching several exciting projects that will bring value to its holders and the wider community. N-Shopy is an e-commerce platform that accepts cryptocurrency as payment, N-Fluencer is a platform for hosting activities, events, and auctions with celebrities and influencers, and N-Charity is a non-profit donation-based project that provides relief to humans and animals in need.

Nasa Doge was launched on the Binance Smart Chain on July 25th, 2021, with 1 trillion tokens created at genesis. The token is deflationary, with 72% of the max supply already burnt. To support its marketing and development efforts, a transaction tax of 10% is applied, with 5% going to a stable fund and the remaining 5% being redistributed among holders based on the amount of NasaDoge they hold. This creates a self-sustaining passive income ecosystem for investors.

Nasa Doge was founded by a German CEO and a German-Turkish team, with business dealings mainly conducted in the Turkish and German markets. With plans to open offices in Izmir, Istanbul, and Berlin, Nasa Doge is positioned for growth and success in the years to come.

Nasa Doge is a crypto-asset that takes a unique approach to investing. By blending digital investments with real-world projects and initiatives, it seeks to create a sustainable and eco-friendly investment opportunity. The centerpiece of this effort is the planting of 100,000 Paulownia trees, which not only offer a source of oxygen and profits for investors, but also help to offset the environmental impact of crypto-mining.

In addition to its environmental initiatives, Nasa Doge is also making a name for itself in the sports industry. The company is sponsoring two football clubs in Turkey and has plans to expand its sponsorship and partnership efforts in the near future. It is also launching a range of projects, including an e-commerce platform, an influencer platform, and a charity project, all aimed at creating a thriving and supportive community around the Nasa Doge token.

Nasa Doge was launched in July 2021 with 1 trillion tokens in circulation. It is deflationary, with 72% of the maximum supply already burnt, and has a transaction tax of 10%. The tax serves two purposes: it helps to maintain stable funds for marketing and development, and it creates a self-sustaining passive income ecosystem for token holders. The founders of Nasa Doge are a German-Turkish team, and the company is planning to open offices in Turkey, Germany, and other countries.

In conclusion, Nasa Doge is a crypto-asset that is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible investment. With its blend of digital investments, real-world initiatives, and community-focused projects, it offers a unique investment opportunity for those looking to make a positive impact while earning a return.


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