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Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$28,108.25
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date5/13/2021, 4:25:01 AM
ATL Date12/30/2022, 8:31:20 AM
Circulating Supply78M
Total Supply218M
Popularity Rank2093
What is NAOS Finance?

NAOS Finance is a decentralized crypto lending protocol built on the blockchain. It aims to connect DeFi to conventional finance by allowing users to borrow digital crypto assets and collateralize them with real-world assets. The platform envisions a network that promotes transparency, risk management, and breaks geographical boundaries. NAOS Finance seeks to democratize loan performance data and offer attractive yield rates while accelerating DeFi growth and expanding real-world use cases.

The platform's underlying protocol is the NAOS Protocol, which consists of two sub-protocols: Formation and Galaxy. Formation is a liquidity protocol that provides yield farming for the nUSD synthetic token. On the other hand, Galaxy is a lending protocol that works like conventional banking, allowing users to apply for loans and tokenize assets. Yield farming is a process that helps users earn rewards for their crypto holdings.

NAOS Finance's native cryptocurrency is NAOS, used to fuel ecosystem growth by supporting marketing, community building, operations, and partnership engagements.

Kevin Tseng introduced NAOS Finance on December 22, 2020. Tseng, an experienced blockchain and investment expert, was a former strategic investment professional at Alibaba Group. The core team includes Wesley Liu, Yan Hsieh, Peter Lai, and Jack Lee. NAOS has a maximum total supply of 300 million tokens, with 23% reserved for the core team and advisers and 25% reserved for ecosystem growth.

NAOS Finance is committed to strategic partnerships to expand the DeFi ecosystem. The platform seeks to create a permissionless marketplace that enables free access to capital, eliminating intermediaries. NAOS Finance aims to bring transparency to risk management and loan application while promoting democratization of loan performance data that has been closely held by conventional financial institutions.

The platform's Formation sub-protocol offers yield farming for the nUSD synthetic token, enabling users to earn rewards on their crypto holdings. On the other hand, the Galaxy sub-protocol facilitates lending by allowing users to apply for loans and tokenize assets. NAOS Finance seeks to expand its use cases by accelerating DeFi growth, promoting real-world applications, and providing attractive yield rates for its users.

In summary, NAOS Finance is a blockchain-based decentralized crypto lending protocol aimed at connecting DeFi to conventional finance. The platform seeks to offer transparency, risk management, and break geographical boundaries by democratizing loan performance data. NAOS Finance also offers yield farming and lending protocols through its Formation and Galaxy sub-protocols, respectively, and uses the NAOS token to fuel ecosystem growth.


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